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Just How Many Roxy Music Compilations DO I Own, Anyway?

Until 30 minutes ago, I had no idea what I was going to blog about. As I sometimes do, I headed over to my collection in Discogs.com and hit the “random item” button [sort of like the one on the … Continue reading

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All The Way To Cleveland: The Mott The Hoople Saga [part 5]

An East Coast Monk In King Wenner’s Court [part the second] […continued from last post] RRHOF – the present This year the class of 2019 inductees added seven artists to the sacred rolls of the Hall. Of recent years, there … Continue reading

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Record Review: Bryan Ferry Orchestra – Bitter-Sweet

I’ve been lax on the Bryan Ferry front for the last few years. My wife got me “Frantic” and “Avonmore” as gifts and I really liked them. “Frantic” had a great casual feel that Ferry usually hammered down nine ways … Continue reading

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Roxy Music BSOG Flash Sale Changes Everything…

Newsflash: “Roxy Music” BSOG now on sale at Amazon for $79 [i.e. what I was willing/expecting to pay for six years prior] Commenter Tim just sent me the notice that the 3xCD+DVD+Book edition of “Roxy Music” we just bemoaned was … Continue reading

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Roxy Music Delights + Infuriates With Boxed Set Of Eponymous Album

Six or seven years ago there was a buzz on the 40th Anniversary of Roxy Music’s debut album. There was no shortage of leaky tales of Boxed Sets Of God™  being prepared for it’s 40th “birthday.” It would be a … Continue reading

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Record Review: The Explorers [part 2]

[…continued from last post] The playful “Venus De Milo” was superficially a stab at the same vibe of an early Roxy Music classic like “Virginia Plain,” but where the Roxy debut single was by turns playful and witty, it also … Continue reading

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Record Review: The Explorers [part 1]

The Explorers: The Explorers UK CD [1985] Ship Of Fools Lorelei Breath Of Life Venus De Milo Soul Fantasy Crack The Whip Prussian Blue Two Worlds Apart Robert Louis Stevenson You Go Up In Smoke Falling For Nightlife [Midnight Mix] … Continue reading

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