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Cristina Monet Zilkha’s Legacy Served Well With New CD Remaster Of “Sleep It Off” And Biographical Book/Website

Last Friday was the release date of the CD that I never expected to see, but I should know better than to underestimate the powers of Rubellan Remasters. They are the plucky reissue label [run by one person – Scott … Continue reading

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The Next Group Of Oingo Boingo Deluxe Remasters Is Nearing Takeoff

Last summer ace reissue label Rubellan Remasters graced us with four Oingo Boingo remastered CDs [“Only A Lad,” “Nothing To Fear,” “Good For Your Soul,” “Dead Man’s Paarty”] and since then, the So-cal New Wave band has been blowing the … Continue reading

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Rubellan Remasters Releasing Perfect Slow Children CDs, with Peter Baumann’s New Wave Disc As Well

Do you remember all of that effort I spent making CDs of the first and second Slow Children albums in 2020? And finally writing about it last year? Well, I’m ready to toss those discs on the scrapheap of history. … Continue reading

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Want List: Rubellan Remasters Returns Attention To Visage On 12″ Disc With “Fade To Grey”

It’s no secret that Rubellan Remasters have really worked that Visage action like the pros they are! With definitive CD DLX RMs of the first two Visage albums, as well as the exotic dance mix variations of “Beat Boy” and … Continue reading

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Rubellan Remasters Win Again With Beat Boy Cassette Remix CD

Visage: Beat Boy Cassette Remix Edition DLX RM – US – CD [2022] Beat Boy 7:19 Casualty 6:02 Questions 7:11 Only The Good [Die Young] 5:33 Can You Hear Me 6:32 The Promise 4:10 Love Glove 5:45 Yesterday’s Shadow 6:34 … Continue reading

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Want List: Ultravox “Three-Into-One” Gets The Rubellan Remasters Analog Love

I’ve known about this for many months and today is the day when pre-order begins. We’ve seen the growth and accomplishments of Rubellan Remasters over the last few years with passion projects making it to the CD format. The label … Continue reading

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Fingerprintz Are Finally On The Shiny Silver Disc…Better Late Than Never [part 2]

[…continued from last post] The next two songs were also from the “Distinguishing Marks” campaign. The winning “Remorse Code” had all of the chops to be a great single, what with the brilliant title hook being one I had not … Continue reading

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