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Record Review: Robert Fripp – “League Of Gentlemen” US LP [part 2]

[…continued from last post] One of the most astonishing songs here, “Eye Needles,” was built on urgent tick-tock rhythms played furiously on keys that had Fripp soloing with a shower of double picked notes before hanging back to beefier chords … Continue reading

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Record Review: Robert Fripp – “League Of Gentlemen” US LP [part 1]

Robert Fripp’s “Drive To 1981” culminated in a trio of albums for that most significant year. The first out of the box was perhaps the most surprising of the Fripp albums of that period. “The League Of Gentlemen” was a … Continue reading

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New Wave Blind Spots: Squeeze

There’s almost 2500 posts at PPM and this is the first one on Squeeze. There’s a reason for that. In all candor, they were never a group that really excited me in any way. I know many at the time … Continue reading

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Classic Pop’s New Romantic Special Attempts To Parse the Slippery “Movement”

It’s been a while now, but knowing my predilections, commenter Jordan asked me if I’d be interested in a copy of the Classic Pop “New Romantic Special Edition” from 2019. Not being one to turn down too many free offers, … Continue reading

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Investigating Modern Eon In The Modern World

One of the highlights in moving the entire contents of my Record Cell in the last six weeks, was that I got the chance to touch so much of my collection that might be inaccessible due to placement issues. I … Continue reading

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Double Grooved Records Offer Twice The Fun/Headaches

The notion of a double grooved record first slapped me in the face when I had borrowed my good friend chasinvictoria’s “Matching Tie + Handkerchief” to hear it when we were still in high school [40+ years ago]. But at … Continue reading

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Record Review: Klark Kent – “Away From Home” US 7″

Klark Kent: Away From Home – US – Green 7″ [1980] Away From Home Office Talk I can’t believe I’ve never reviewed this record but it has been a much-loved piece in my Record Cell for over 40 years! I … Continue reading

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