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“Checkered Past” Was A Tidy Look At The 2-Tone Label [part 2]

[…continued from last post] By the time that 2-Tone moved forward into 1980, the label’s acts began to sprawl from the focused retro Ska style into exotic new syntheses that found less favor on the British charts. The radical sophomore … Continue reading

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“Checkered Past” Was A Tidy Look At The 2-Tone Label [part 1]

Various Artists: The 2-Tone Collection – A Checkered Past – US – 2xCD [1993] Disc One The Special A.K.A.: Gangsters The Selecter: The Selecter Madness: The Prince The Selecter: On My Radio The Specials featuring Rico: A Message To You … Continue reading

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Record Review: The Vapors – “New Clear Days”

I’m trying to remember exactly when and where I first heard The Vapors. I can distinctly remember seeing the video for “Turning Japanese” on the syndicated music video clip show “Rockworld.” But had I heard it on the radio prior? … Continue reading

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I Can’t Believe That I Just Found Out About The OTHER Heaven 17…

I was getting ready to write a quick post about Montreal’s technopop titans, Men Without Hats, when during the hasty [yet undeniably real] research portion of my post, I came across some new data that was slightly mind blowing! And … Continue reading

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A Young Person’s Guide To Shock’s “Angel Face”

I posted a brief “Song of the Day” post on Shock’s “Angel Face” way back at the dawn of this blog, and now that I finally got the 12″ single of the electro classic, as well as the 2010 remix … Continue reading

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DEVO Reissues Amazing Garment That Sold Out In Record Time

We had some other vintage music review planned for today, and that can wait. I just got an email this morning from the DEVO mailing list and – boy howdy – the band have decided to reissue their infamous leisure … Continue reading

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OMD’s “Enola Gay” Given Coats Of Remix Paint For 40th

We last visited this topic a month ago when the record was preordered but had not yet arrived. Lots has happened since then [including an attempted insurrection of the United States government], but the record finally arrived and I have … Continue reading

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