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Record Review: The Cosmopolitans: Wild Moose Party US CD

The Cosmopolitans: Wild Moose Party – US – CD [2006] [How to Keep Your] Husband Happy Wild Moose Party Chevy Baby Psychic Joan Party Boy Talkin’ Bout You Siam Dancin’ Lesson Doug pH Factor Sophisticated Boom Boom Gloryoski! Just three … Continue reading

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Want List: Ultravox “Three-Into-One” Gets The Rubellan Remasters Analog Love

I’ve known about this for many months and today is the day when pre-order begins. We’ve seen the growth and accomplishments of Rubellan Remasters over the last few years with passion projects making it to the CD format. The label … Continue reading

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Breaking The Ice With Bette Bright…43 Years Later

I never heard Deaf School until sometime in the early 90s when a friend have me the US 2xLP compilation of “2nd Honeymoon/Don’t Stop The World” and I finally got to hear the fascinating group. Sure, I’d heard the name … Continue reading

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Want List: Stephen Duffy’s Post-Duran, Pre-Tin Tin Band The Hawks Find Release 40 Years Later

The Hawks: Obviously 5 Believers – UK – CD [2021] All The Sad Young Men Aztec Moon Big Store What Can I Give? A Sense Of Ending Bullfighter Jazz Club Serenade Something Soon What It Is! Great Googly Moogly! It … Continue reading

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Record Review: B-52’s – “Give Me Back My Man” UK 7″

The B-52’s: Give Me Back My Man – UK – 7″ [1980] Give Me Back My Man 3:53 Give Me Back My Man [version] 3:47 I lucked into this record in the first of two [!] visits to Time Traveler … Continue reading

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REVO Remastering: Slow Children – Slow Children [REVO 095]

Slow Children: Slow Children DLX RM – US – CD-R [2020] I Got A Good Mind Talk About Horses Malicious She’s Like America President Am I Too Weak To Eat Home Life Staring At The Ceiling Ticket To France Stuck … Continue reading

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Want List: Collecting The Sparks Techno Pop Periphery – #2 Gleaming Spires

Hilly Michaels was cut adrift when Sparks went to Europe to record two albums with Giorgio Moroder without a band. After their 1979/1980 releases, Sparks decided they wanted a band again, so they came back to The States and found … Continue reading

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