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An Interview With Gleaming Spires’ David Kendrick [part 2]

Today we finish up with the interview with Gleaming Spires’ David Kendrick. Touching on the late history of that band as well as the group’s concurrent existence as Sparks live and studio band for the first half of the 80s. … Continue reading

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Want List: Collecting The Sparks Techno Pop Periphery – #2 Gleaming Spires

Hilly Michaels was cut adrift when Sparks went to Europe to record two albums with Giorgio Moroder without a band. After their 1979/1980 releases, Sparks decided they wanted a band again, so they came back to The States and found … Continue reading

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Record Review: Noel – “Dancing Is Dangerous” US 7″

Noel: Dancing Is Dangerous – US- 7″ [1979] Dancing is Dangerous [7″ edit] 3:42 The Night They Invented Love [7″ edit] 3:45 With Sparks dominating my listening since seeing “The Sparks Brothers” documentary the weekend before last, i have now … Continue reading

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Uh Oh! Second Sparks Post In A Row With 2022 North American Tour Dates Just Announced

Wouldn’t you know it. Yesterday not 45 minutes after I posted the review of “The Sparks Brothers” film documentary on the Mael Brothers’ 50 year music career, than I received an email from the Sparks Maeling [ha-ha] list featuring the … Continue reading

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Sparks Brothers Film A Compelling Look At The Mael’s Creative Lives

After months of anticipation, the Summer Of Sparks® is finally underway when “The Sparks Brothers” was available on Video On Demand on July 9th in America. I missed the dicey Sundance Festival streaming and the film was not playing in … Continue reading

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Todd Rundgren + Sparks Cover A Lot Of Territory [And 50 Years] With New Single, “Your Fandango”

Gloryoski! When it rains, it pours. Just four days after the stunning trailer for the Mael Brothers’ first narrative film, “Annette” hit the web, came news last Friday morning that the busy brothers had released a new collaborative single with … Continue reading

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Record Review: Sparks Ignite “Gratuitous Sax + Senseless Violins” DLX RM UK 3xCD To The Next Level [disc 3/3] [part 2]

[continued from last post…] The slyly playful melody of “Bob Hope” managed to convey the famed comic’s mid-century wiseguy vibe fairly well. This song was an homage to the platonic ideal of early Bob Hope; the snarky everyman who called … Continue reading

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