REVO Catalog

This is almost a complete list of every CD I have ever made for my own purposes. I never bothered to number anything at first, and it wasn’t until I had made a few dozen projects that it occurred to give my projects catalog numbers. Packaging was minimal in those carefree days as well. I turned a corner with the Simple Minds boxed sets. Those were amazing, and following that, I took making a cover much more seriously than making a one-sided insert, but that was all I could afford to print on a sheet of inkjet photo paper. It also helped that I got access to a sweet color laser. From that point on, booklets became possible. Sometimes, elaborate booklets. And booklets beget liner notes and discography details. And so forth and so on.

The point where it occurred to me to number my projects was when I was making the Client CD of “The Rotherham Sessions.” These were demos that Client had posted to their website for download. The year was 2006; seven years into this hobby, and I took a wild stab at what number the CD should be. I picked 038 out of the blue. Then I went backwards, trying to remember what I had done and assign a REVO catalog number to each one. So the order here is completely haphazard. I can state that the numbers from 056 and higher are pretty bulletproof, though 068 and 075 seem to be missing! That’s because I don’t have a resource to consult and I would sometimes lose track of where I was supposed to be. Hence, this new catalog page which now becomes canonical law; errors and all.. That way I can give a project the right number going forward.

I first got a CD burner in 1999 when the software company I was working for had bought a 2x SCSI external burner the size of a small VCR five years earlier for a prototype product that never sold. I asked them if I could have it and they said no problem. It worked fine [as long as I used high quality gold CD-R media] with my second computer at the time, a Macintosh Quadra 840AV. My friend JT set me up with a used Digidesign sound card. The Quadra was seven years old and was getting long in tooth so I moved to a [used] Macintosh G3 450 in 2000. That was my main production computer for another five years. The digidesign card moved to that. I got an external SCSI burner that was 8x and a big step up. Much smaller, too.

My next move was to a G5 Mac Pro 2×1.8 GHz. This gave me entry to DVD mastering as well. For a few years, Apple’s DVD solutions, even at the low end, were amazing. I made DVDs with elaborate extras and animated menus. Some of my music projects also came bundled with DVDs. This lasted for three years until the power supply died in that one, leaving me to buy an entry level iMac in 2008 while I was hip deep in a freelance project that demanded a working computer. Though the iMac was entry level, it has been a workhorse for my various projects for almost a decade now. I only needed a new computer in 2017 because any browser that works on it was EOL. When I got a new 2017 iMac, I  kept the old iMac for DVD making. Apple’s horrific disc-free world of Steve Jobs is not for me! All my life I dreamed of making CDs and laserdiscs and for a few years there, Apple saw fit to enable this like no one else.

So between 2017 and 2019, I managed to buy new hardware and software. The modern iMacs lack DVD+R drives. I also needed a new disc printer as my old one had clogged heads from disuse. No amount of cleaning techniques obtained from the Internet [it must be true!] made much of a difference. Epson still make one! But the pickings are slim. It’s a 5-color [CMYK+photogray] so the quality is a far cry from the [brief] glory days of hexachrome color that the older Epson had. The discs I print now look like they are missing 20% of the old gamut at least!

Most of my early projects were consolidating lots of CD singles into tighter compilations. Occasionally, there would be local bands I worked on CDs of. My friend Mr. Ware had a New Wave cover band, The Pragmatix, and though I did not master the audio, I designed it, so that is what I came to call REVO 001. The name REVO came from “Revolt Into Style,” my wife’s name for her antique business at the time which she did on the side. Yes, it’s taken from Bill Nelson. I soon moved into making CDs of albums that were not on CD and non-LP rare tracks assembled into Boxed Sets Of God® were a particular buzz for me.





 REVO 001

The Pragmatix: Live @ Frogger’s – 1998


REVO 002

The Hate Bombs: Odd Bombs – 1999

 REVO 003

The Bassments/November Charlie: Last Call At The Laughing Academy – 1999

 REVO 004

Depeche Mode: Mixmaster 1-12 – 1999

REVO 005

Shakespear’s Sister: The CD Singles – 1999

REVO 006

Nitzer Ebb: Nitzerebbprodukt1234 – 1999

 REVO 007

VARIOUS: The Berlin Sources – 1999

REVO 008

The Tourists – 1999

REVO 009

The Tourists: Reality Effect – 1999

REVO 010

Ultravox!: Rare Vol. 0 – 1999

REVO 011

Tin Machine: Tin Machine III – 2000

REVO 012

Marc Almond: Curtain Call – 2000

REVO 013

Dr. Calculus: Designer Beatnik – 1999

REVO 014

Duran Duran: Working For The Skin Trade OST – 1999

REVO 015

Associates: Perhaps + – 1999

 REVO 016

Basia: Rarities – 1999

REVO 017

Level 42: Rarities – 2001

REVO 018

Everything But The Girl: Old School – 2000

REVO 019

Frazier Chorus: Elaine – 2009


Frazier Chorus: Elaine [for dilletantes] – 2009

REVO 020

Transvision Vamp: Pop Rocks – 2000

REVO 021

Charles Martin: Genius Under Glass – 2000

REVO 022

OMD: Optical Musical Data Phase 1 – 2001

REVO 023

OMD: Optical Musical Data Phase 2 – 2001

REVO 024

Tom Tom Club: Close To The Bone + – 2001

REVO 025

Chris Isaak + Silvertone: Live @ San Juan Capistrano ’90 – 2001

REVO 026

Jesus + Mary Chain: A Handful Of Rust/An Earful Of Glass – 2002

 REVO 027

New Order: Hard Drive – 2002

REVO 028

Simple Minds: Act One – 2003

REVO 029

Simple Minds: Act Two – 2003

 REVO 030

Bryan Ferry: Trilogy – 2003


claudia brücken - comprehension mix disc cover artClaudia Brücken – Comprehension Vol. 1 – 2004/2020

REVO 032

Black: Box Recordings – 2004

 REVO 033

The Voice Of The Beehive: The Vault Of The Beehive – 2004

REVO 034

Thomas Dolby: Gold Standard – 2004

REVO 035

Fiction Factory: Ephemeral – 2006

 REVO 036

Freur|Underworkd mk. I: Stainless Steel tears – 2006

REVO 037

Peter Gabriel: Trilogy – 2006

REVO 038

Client: The Rotherham Sessions – 2006

 REVO 039

Heaven 17: Civil Defence Box – 2006/2009


REVO 040

Gardening By Moonlight: Method To The Madness + – 2007

REVO 041

John Foxx: Fast Forward Flashback – 2007

REVo 042

China Crisis: Docklands – 2007

REVO 043

Klark Kent: Komplete Klassiks – 2007

REVO 044

Mari Wilson: Showpeople Footlights Edition – 2008

 REVO 045

Spandau Ballet: Canon – 2009

REVO 046

Berlin Blondes: Building On The Sands + – 2009

REVO 047

Brian Eno: Rarities + Collaborations – 2007

 REVO 048

Wendy James: I Started The Lie – 2002

REVO 049

Nina Hagen: Modern Selection – 2000

REVO 050

Holly + The Italians: The Right To Be Italian [U.S. mix] – 1999

REVO 051

Gary Numan: Numacomp 1 – 2002

REVO 052

The Exotic Aarontones: Bucket O’Slop – 1999

REVO 053

Annie Lennox: Diva Supplement – 2000

 REVO 054

Pet Shop Boys: Pet Shop Box 123456

REVO 055

Pet Shop Boys: Pet Shop Box 789101112

REVO 056

The Nits: Les Nuits Live @ Paradisio – 2009

 REVO 057

peter godwin torch songs + heroics cover artPeter Godwin: Torch Songs + Heroics – 2009/2020

REVO 058

Various: Songs Of The Open Road – 2009

REVO 059

Torch Song: Wish Thing – 2009

 REVO 060

Torch Song: Ecstasy – 2009

REVO 061

JAPAN: Live @ Hammersmith ’81 – 2009

REVO 062

Howard Devoto: Devoto Companion – 2010

REVO 063

JAPAN: Bento – 2010

REVO 064

Colin Vearncombe: The Given + – 2010

REVO 065

Metro: New Love – 2010

REVO 066

Peter Godwin: Correspondence – 2010

REVO 067

OMD: Live @ The Mermaid|BBC ’11 – 2011


REVO 068


REVO 069

Smashing Time: OST – 2011

REVO 070

Berlin: Information + – 2011

REVO 071

DEVO: New Traditionalists Live In Seattle ’81 – 2012

 REVO 072

NME: Mighty Reel – 2012

REVO 073

Figures On A Beach: Paradise + Other Four Letter Words – 2014

REVO 074

Jacqui Brookes: Sob Stories + – 2014

REVO 075


REVO 076

Various: Methods Of Dance Vol. 1 – 2015

REVO 077

Various: Methods Of Dance Vol. 1 – 2015

 REVO 078

Hot Chocolate: Every 1’s A Winner – 2015

REVO 079

Victorian Parents – Silence Follows + – 2015

REVO 080

Real Life: Heartland + – 2016

 REVO 081Annabel Lamb: Once Bitten + – 2016 REVO 082November Group – 2016 REVO 083Rezillos: A Case Of Rezillomania – 2017
REVO 084Jo Callis: Citizen Callis – Agent Of P.O.P. – 2017 REVO 085Visage: Fade To Grey – Dance Mix Album – 2017 REVO 086Robert Fripp: The League Of Gentlemen + – 2017
REVO 087

The Three O’Clock: Live @ The Old Waldorf – 2018
REVO 088

Ultravox – A Young Person’s Guide To Ultravox – 2018
REVO 089
visage beat boy cassette remix cover artVisage: Beat Boy Special Cassette Remix + – 2019
REVO 090
visage beat boy supplement cover artVisage – Beat Boy Supplement – 2019
REVO 091
midge ure, chris cross, maxwell langdown - the bloodied sword cover artUre, Cross, Langdown – The Bloodied Sword – 2019
REVO 092
David Werner – Whizz Kid – 2020
REVO 093
david werner imagination quota cover artDavid Werner – Imagination Quota – 2020
REVO 094
david werner cover artDavid Werner – David Werner/Live – 2020
REVO 095
slow children UK cover art remastered

Slow Children: Slow Children + – 2020

REVO 096
slow children mad about town cover artSlow Children – Mad About Town + – 2020
REVO 097
david werner cover artVarious: Terpsichore [Silly Not To] – 2021
REVO 098
various - blitz cocver artVarious: Blitz – 2021
REVO 099
talinng heads the warner bros music show cover artTVLKING HEVDS: The Warner Bros. Music Show – 2021
REVO 100
midge ure 1980 showr cover artMidge Ure: The 1980 Tour- 2021
REVO 101
masami tsuchiya rice music cocver artMasami Tsuchiya: Rice Music – 2021