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Has It Been A Dozen Years on WordPress Already?

Gosharootie. I just logged into my dashboard this morning for a look under the hood of PPM and to what to my won’dring eyes did appear, but a badge proclaiming that I’d been blogging on WordPress for a stately dozen … Continue reading

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Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Music?

The Record Cell may be my sanctum sacntorum, where all of my music, books, and video discs reside; along with the computer I work on, but it was never an inviting place. Our home is small, and this was the … Continue reading

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Want List: Ultravox “Rage In Eden” Ultrabox Coming for Album’s 41st Anniversary

In the biggest open secret for some months, Ultravox’s much-mooted “Rage In Eden” ultrabox was finally announced today in an official capacity. Rogue retailers in Europe had played their hands early last year which must have vexed the minds at … Continue reading

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John Foxx Revisits Foundational Words That Have Colored His Sounds For 44 Years On “The Marvellous Notebook.”

John Foxx: The Marvellous Notebook – UK – CD [2002] The Marvellous Notebook Remember… Under London The Quiet Man Now is not the first time that John Foxx has committed his short stories to the spoken word medium. In 2009, … Continue reading

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Want List: China Crisis 40th Anniversary Explosion Of Hits with DVD And Downloads

On Saturday I received a comment from reader drivel asking about two new China Crisis releases that had no real info surrounding them and which had seemingly manifested overnight, like musical mushrooms. When I looked into it, they had! Virgin … Continue reading

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“That Awful Man” Robert Fripp Has Scheduled A Speaking Tour Of North America After Writing His First Book

This has been floating in the ether for a bit now but we need to address the fact that Robert Fripp has written his first book, This is a surprising fact for a man who posted his first online blog … Continue reading

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Want List: Martyn Ware’s “Electronically Yours Vol. 1”

He’s been talking about his autobiography ever since he started his podcast, and now, Martyn Ware has made good on his words. As published by Constable of Little, Brown in hardcover and eBook, “Electronically Yours vol. 1” will be published … Continue reading

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