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Telstar: An Iconic Pop Instrumental From 1962…And 1984

This morning I saw Steve For The Deaf’s posting on The Tornadoes iconic “Telstar” single from 1962 and immediately got pulled into its orbit. It reminded me that the conic instrumental came into my Record Cell a few years back … Continue reading

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Associates “Sulk” Ultrabox Aims For Excess…As Ever [part 7]

[…continued from last post] The June third Peel Session from 1982, was broadcast just three weeks after “Sulk” was released. The band were obviously racing towards the horizon as the new session [possibly after drummer John Murphy was out of … Continue reading

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Associates “Sulk” Ultrabox Aims For Excess…As Ever [part 6]

[…continued from last post] Next in the program was the phalanx of hit singles…boom…boom…boom! Having first heard “Party Fears Two” in 7″ form on “Popera” in 1990 meant that the succinct single mix made that heavy first impression. Listening to … Continue reading

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80s Soundtrack Week: Tuesday – “Party Party” GER CD

Today’s album came from much earlier in the decade and came from a completely different mindset. Instead of US teens living in the “alternative music” scene of the mid-80s, our next soundtrack was from a British holiday comedy about a … Continue reading

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Peter Godwin And A Host Of New Wave Peers Cover The Classics For Houston’s Numbers Night Club

Yesterday we were citing hot music tips from another blogger. Often it’s the commenters and readers of PPM that set me straight with the contact form in the top menu. Fred from the Netherlands asked if I was aware of … Continue reading

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Record Review: Ronny – If You Want Me To Stay UK 12″

Ronny: If You Want Me To Stay – UK – 12″ [1981] If You Want Me To Stay [dance mix] If You Want Me To Stay [instrumental] I recall reading about Parisian model Ronny and her alliance with the Blitz … Continue reading

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Record Review: Cristina – Is That All There Is” UK 12″

Cristina: Is that All There Is? – UK – 12″ – [1980] Is That All There Is? Jungle Love I didn’t find out about this withdrawn single until some time in the 80s. Certainly after the point in time when … Continue reading

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