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First Impressions Often Lie

Today my thoughts have gone to revisit those times when I have been disastrously wrong about something that upon revisiting, I will experience a 180 degree opinion switch on. Since I’ll never be Post-Punk Pope [I have no pull with … Continue reading

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Redux: I Was A Token New Waver…

July 25, 2014 I’ve written in the past about the curious phenomenon of False New Wave®, which got pretty rampant during the salad days of the trend. We were treated to the spectacle of rawk stars a generation older adopting … Continue reading

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Heck Freezes Over, Melts, Then Re-Freezes Again: Gary Kemp Joins The Pink Floyd

I caught wind of this a few weeks ago when we were in the middle of the 30Days; 30 Albums thread, so this is the first time I’ve mentioned it in a post, but I saw on the morning of … Continue reading

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Binging On Music

Hello. My name is Post-Punk Monk and I have a music binging problem. This year has been very off kilter for me. It’s down to the patterns of buying  music this year. If you have a look at the 2018 … Continue reading

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Southeast SPUD ALERT!!

¡Mamacita! I just found out the day before yesterday that Mark Motherbaugh of DEVO is giving a lecture at nearby Western Carolina University tonight at 7:30. All spuds within the Appalachian Mountain Zone would to well to converge on the … Continue reading

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Ron-Kon II: A Memorial Tale – [The List] [part 11]

[continued from last post] After the show was finished we went back to home base. There was talk of meeting up with our friend Randy for dinner, but in an “only in L.A.” occurrence, he had just gotten the call … Continue reading

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Ron-Kon II: A Memorial Tale – [Ron Kane Swap Meet] [part 7]

[continued from last post] Ron Kane “Swap Meet” It was originally mooted that following the 11:00 a.m. meetup at Rockaway Records, that there would be a 2:00 visit to Amoeba Hollywood followed by a 4:00 mystery shindig at Warren Bowman’s … Continue reading

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