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Love Of Music In The Time Of Covid-Delta

The Rise of Covid-Delta It’s been 18 months now since the Covid-19 pandemic has spread like wildfire around the world. Impacting all cultures, if not equally. In most cultures, obeisance to the gods of capitalism have meant that flattening the … Continue reading

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Want List: Annabel Lamb – “Once Bitten” NL CD

Annabel Lamb: Once Bitten – NL – CD [2021] Once Bitten Take Me In Your Arms Heartland Hold Fast Backwards Through The Looking Glass Dividing the Spoils of Love Red For Danger Snake Pliskin Missing No Cure Well this certainly … Continue reading

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Weird Formats: Before The DVD, There Was The CDV

Oh, but I used to be a bleeding edge kind of technology guy as a videophile guy with an abiding interest in the best quality available back then. I was always a ßetamax user, until S-VHS appeared and I could … Continue reading

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Rupert Hine’s Wife Shares Unreleased Track To Commemorate Her Husband

Rupert Hine died a year ago today and his wife had shared a link in the comments here to a page on the Rupert Hine website where she had posted an unreleased song for limited period of download, but I … Continue reading

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Martyn Ware’s “Electronically Yours” Refreshes The Parts Where Other Podcasts Can’t Reach

Let me preface this by saying that I’m not really a podcast guy. I’m much more interested in listening to music. Podcasts are sort of like TV in that they are a form of entertainment or information that prevent the … Continue reading

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Classic Cowboys International Singles Coming To Your Ears This Friday, Immaterially

I received a note yesterday from Pnuma Recordings; the face of Post-Punk and post-Post-Punk musician [?] Ken Lockie, alerting me to the fact that the classic four Cowboys International singles with full A/B sides were being released by UMG on … Continue reading

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Just A Friendly Reminder: Shriekback’s Album 16 Crowdfund Is In It’s Last Week With £3K Left To Go

No time for a full blog today, sadly. But don’t cry, little ones! There’s barely time to remind you that Shriekback’s ongoing crowdfunding campaign for their 16th album had amassed over £27K by last Sunday, leaving them tantalizingly close to … Continue reading

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