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Wall Of Glass


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New Shriekback Viddy For “The Wolfman Whinesplains”

Gloryoski! We got notice a few days ago that the new Shriekback viddy was online in …that place. The Hodah-helmed clip was actually shot and featured the very real and not at all simulated Barry Andrews in the clip itself, … Continue reading

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2022: The Year In Buying Music

2022 was a super active year for us. I have been busy from March until…now. We have had so many upgrade projects on the house this year. Either by us or by professionals. The Record Cell was completely redesigned and … Continue reading

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The Cramps Were Always A Virus No Amount Of Penicillin Could Tame As World Catches Up With “Goo Goo Muck” on “Wednesday”

One of the amusing things about the incessant thirst of the ravening maw of the Entertainment Machine™ for new sources of mood and nuance is how every now and then, an arbitrary spark manages to catch a dusty old chestnut … Continue reading

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Monastically Maintaining A Digital Library Of Music

Over the last 20 years I have grown a small digital library. It was never my intention to have one. I listen to CDs and I buy records that had material not available on CDs, which [ideally] I would eventually … Continue reading

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Andy Taylor Missed the Duran Duran Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony For The Worst Possible Reason

Last Saturday night was supposed to be a victory lap for the band Duran Duran. After all, the historical antipathy of Rolling Stone to their music was pretty well known, and when they were nominated and were voted in, I … Continue reading

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Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Music?

The Record Cell may be my sanctum sacntorum, where all of my music, books, and video discs reside; along with the computer I work on, but it was never an inviting place. Our home is small, and this was the … Continue reading

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