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Visage Deluxe Week Commences With A Trio Of DLX RMs From Rubellan Remasters

It was many months ago when I first wrote about the DLX RM of the Visage debut album; an event a long time in coming. I bought my copy from the label, Rubellan Remasters a few months after that and … Continue reading

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Record Review: Shriekback – “Live At The Orange ’94” UK CD-R

Shriekback: Live At The Orange ’94 – UK – CD-R [2020] The Preparation Over The Wire Unsong Captain Cook Hostage Dingle Dai Faded Flowers Berlin Invisible Rays Seething Pretty Little Things The Consummation This offering popped up a short while … Continue reading

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Want List: John Foxx + The Maths – “Howl” UK CD/LP

After what seemed to be a several year wait, advance word came last Monday that the next John Foxx + The Maths album was coming on May 15th, 2020. It would have longtime John Foxx guitarist Robin Simon joining with … Continue reading

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Man Parrish With Steven Jones Revisit Electropop Roots on “The Art of POP”

No sooner than we took a deep dive into the multifaceted world of Giorgio Moroder then the word came over the transom that Steven Jones + Logan Sky vocalist Mr. Jones revealed that he had found a few spare hours … Continue reading

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Moroder Week: Day 7 – Donna Summer – I Feel Love 12″

What else could we end Moroder Week with but the truly seminal single “I Feel Love,” by Donna Summer? I can only typify the effect of this song’s appearance in 1977 as cataclysmic? I was still listening to Top 40 … Continue reading

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Moroder Week: Day 6 – David Bowie – Cat People LP version

I had seven Moroder tracks to write about and I didn’t want less for a theme week, and yet this weekend was far too busy to squeeze in two more posts, so we are continuing Moroder Week for two more … Continue reading

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Moroder Week: Day 5 – Blondie – Call Me Spanish 12″

Yesterday we considered a band once compared to Moroder and Blondie. Today it’s the real thing, but with a twist. In 1980 the biggest song of the year in America was “Call Me,” the collaboration between Giorgio Moroder, then making … Continue reading

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