Rock G.P.A.

The Rock G.P.A. concept is simple. Whenever I have the full album output of a band I collect, I assign each album a grade point on a four point scale [with half point granularity]. I then assess the entire career arc of the band in some depth and arrive at their grade point average. This was always in the back on my mind in starting this blog as being something that I was very interested in pursuing. The first Rock G.P.A. was for Icehouse; a scant single day’s posting! By the time that I was doing this for enough years for me to turn my attention to Simple Minds, the post was a thread that had exceeded 70 postings over five months! The end result was like a book; one in bad need of an editor and re-write, but a book’s worth of material in any case. Perhaps it would be helpful to have a page where all of these [sometime lengthy] threads were easy to access in one place? That “Planned Projects” page never amounted to anything in the eight years of this blog so far. Time to replace it with this.

The Rock GPA® is a simple concept, based on the four point grade scale we use in the USA.

Grade Percentage GPA
A 90–100 3.5–4.0
B 80–89 2.5–3.5
C 70–79 1.5–2.5
D 60–69 1.0–1.5
F 0–59 0.0

To get the GPA you add the accumulated totals of each grade value assigned to each album and divide by the number of albums. For the sake of a little granularity, I will be assigning values of a half point where appropriate. You know and I know that there’s a difference between a solid B average album [3.0] and something that’s trying harder, yet not attaining A status [3.5]. The final numbers break down as shown below. Since I’m an old guy, there will be none of that higher than 4.0 nonsense here!

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