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John Foxx Revisits Foundational Words That Have Colored His Sounds For 44 Years On “The Marvellous Notebook.”

John Foxx: The Marvellous Notebook – UK – CD [2002] The Marvellous Notebook Remember… Under London The Quiet Man Now is not the first time that John Foxx has committed his short stories to the spoken word medium. In 2009, … Continue reading

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Record Review: Klark Kent – “Away From Home” US 7″

Klark Kent: Away From Home – US – Green 7″ [1980] Away From Home Office Talk I can’t believe I’ve never reviewed this record but it has been a much-loved piece in my Record Cell for over 40 years! I … Continue reading

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John Foxx Reads From “The Quiet Man” For Spoken Word/Ambient Piano Album “The Marvellous Notebook” on LP/CD

Yikes! I vaguely remember getting an email about this earlier this year [checks email…] and it was apparently late May when the first word of this new Foxx project filtered out. And this has been a very different year. There … Continue reading

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Record Review: ABC ★★★: “Sixty Seconds Later” B-Side Shines In Gold Vinyl

ABC★★★: Look Good Tonight – UK – 7″ [2022] Look Good Tonight Sixty Seconds Later It’s hard to believe that only eleven days ago we wrote about the desirable new 7″ by ABC★★★ that was bundled with the latest issue … Continue reading

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Want List: Long Time Coming Blondie BSOG Revisits Band’s “Classic” Era

Last week the big news was the long-awaited Blondie boxed set of god was finally announced for pre-0rder. But we’d just begun a dive into the Paul Haig box, then there was the death of Julee Cruise which couldn’t wait, … Continue reading

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Want List: Electronic Sound Issue 90 Bundled With New ABC 7″

Stop the presses! We interrupt this regularly scheduled review for some very timely info. I just got the email from Electronic Sound and I’m sharing it with you because time is of the essence This will sell out sometime today … Continue reading

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Want List: Rubellan Remasters Returns Attention To Visage On 12″ Disc With “Fade To Grey”

It’s no secret that Rubellan Remasters have really worked that Visage action like the pros they are! With definitive CD DLX RMs of the first two Visage albums, as well as the exotic dance mix variations of “Beat Boy” and … Continue reading

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