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Those First Impressions: Yello – “I.T. Splash” Yellow Vinyl 12″ Reissue

I’ve loved Yello since that fateful night in 1980 when I heard their debut Ralph Records single on WUSF-FM. They were a college radio station with a Friday night New Wave show that I could barely receive on my stereo, … Continue reading

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John Foxx Revisits Foundational Words That Have Colored His Sounds For 44 Years On “The Marvellous Notebook.”

John Foxx: The Marvellous Notebook – UK – CD [2002] The Marvellous Notebook Remember… Under London The Quiet Man Now is not the first time that John Foxx has committed his short stories to the spoken word medium. In 2009, … Continue reading

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Record Review: Klark Kent – “Away From Home” US 7″

Klark Kent: Away From Home – US – Green 7″ [1980] Away From Home Office Talk I can’t believe I’ve never reviewed this record but it has been a much-loved piece in my Record Cell for over 40 years! I … Continue reading

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John Foxx Reads From “The Quiet Man” For Spoken Word/Ambient Piano Album “The Marvellous Notebook” on LP/CD

Yikes! I vaguely remember getting an email about this earlier this year [checks email…] and it was apparently late May when the first word of this new Foxx project filtered out. And this has been a very different year. There … Continue reading

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Record Review: ABC ★★★: “Sixty Seconds Later” B-Side Shines In Gold Vinyl

ABC★★★: Look Good Tonight – UK – 7″ [2022] Look Good Tonight Sixty Seconds Later It’s hard to believe that only eleven days ago we wrote about the desirable new 7″ by ABC★★★ that was bundled with the latest issue … Continue reading

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Want List: Long Time Coming Blondie BSOG Revisits Band’s “Classic” Era

Last week the big news was the long-awaited Blondie boxed set of god was finally announced for pre-0rder. But we’d just begun a dive into the Paul Haig box, then there was the death of Julee Cruise which couldn’t wait, … Continue reading

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Want List: Electronic Sound Issue 90 Bundled With New ABC 7″

Stop the presses! We interrupt this regularly scheduled review for some very timely info. I just got the email from Electronic Sound and I’m sharing it with you because time is of the essence This will sell out sometime today … Continue reading

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