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The Next Group Of Oingo Boingo Deluxe Remasters Is Nearing Takeoff

Last summer ace reissue label Rubellan Remasters graced us with four Oingo Boingo remastered CDs [“Only A Lad,” “Nothing To Fear,” “Good For Your Soul,” “Dead Man’s Paarty”] and since then, the So-cal New Wave band has been blowing the … Continue reading

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Want List: Modern Eon DLX RM Brings Liverpudlian Post-Punk Band Into The Digital Era

It was only a few months ago that I was writing about discovering that I had not sold off my Modern Eon “Fiction Tales” as I had mistakenly believed for years, and that prompted a notion of buying 7″ singles … Continue reading

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“Hired History +” Captured The Early Paradox Of Fiat Lux [part 3]

[…continued from last post] I would have been content with disc one of “Hired History Plus,” personally. What made the package even better was the fact that the unreleased Fiat Lux album “Ark Of Embers” was included after the compilation … Continue reading

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Is It Time For The 35th Anniversary Of “Let It Bee” Already? Deluxe Remaster Headed Our Way Soon!

Like so many other things these days, we just got wind of something being reissued that we can get behind. The 35th anniversary DLX RM of Voice of the Beehive‘s classic 1st album; now enhanced with plenty of their top … Continue reading

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A Monsoon Season Everyone Should Get Behind With Deluxe “Third Eye” UK 2xCD

It was 40 years ago this year when I came upon the entrancing “Ever So Lonely” being played as an import single on my college radio station of choice: WPRK-FM. I was intensely captivated by the mixture of Indian raga … Continue reading

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Associates “Sulk” Ultrabox Aims For Excess…As Ever [part 2]

[…continued from last post] The wizened chestnut “Gloomy Sunday” was perhaps the outlier to the band’s early days as a cabaret act who played working man’s clubs. The appearance of the Hungarian standard from the Thirties would be the only … Continue reading

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Crucial Rupert Hine Solo Albums Remastered And Reissued In New Box

Great news. Cherry Red’s Esoteric Recordings label has given new life to the three A+M solo albums by Rupert Hine that preceded his run of the [also amazing] Thinkman albums. The last time these came in print was in 2001 … Continue reading

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