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REDUX: Record Review: Bruce Woolley + The Camera Club DLX RM [part 2]

July 15, 2015 [continued from last post] Then it was time for an abrupt change of pace. The brief instro “W.W.9” was a co-write with Thomas Dolby, who assays the sort of synth and piano action here that pointed to … Continue reading

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Want List: Pere Ubu Say “The Long Goodbye”

After making intermittent visits to Planet Ubu and always enjoying the views, I have to admit that it’s been six years since I last bought the new Pere Ubu CD and they have had two in that interim shamefully not … Continue reading

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Revillos VS Revillos: The Ideal Versus Reality [With Lawyers]

Earlier this year, wouldn’t you know it… just six months after completing my Rezillos CD that tied up every loose end I could conceivably think of [and then some], the invisible hand of the marketplace did its best to render … Continue reading

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Record Review: Kissing The Pink – What Noise DLX RM

Kissing The Pink: What Noise DLX RM UK CD [2018] The Other Side Of Heaven Captain Zero Victory Parade Greenham Each Day In Nine The Rain It Never Stops Radio On Martin Watching The Tears Footsteps Love & Money What … Continue reading

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Want List: Kissing The Pink – What Noise DLX RM

Today is a red letter day! Our friends at Cherry Red are tempting us again with the long-sought second Kissing The Pink album on CD. I was clueless about Kissing The Pink back in the day that they manifested. I … Continue reading

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The Berlin and Düsseldorf Schools Are United In New Froese/Brücken album, ‘Beginn’

Gloryoski! The Claudia Brücken hat trick concludes today with news of her upcoming album [teased by Gavin a few weeks ago in the comments here] with Jerome Froese, scion to the Tangerine Dream legacy. Thus uniting the so-called Berlin School [of … Continue reading

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Want List: Kissing The Pink DLX RM – Naked

Kissing The Pink: Naked DLX RM UK CD [2015] The Last Film Frightened In France Watching Their Eyes Love Lasts Forever All For You The Last Film (Hymn Version) Big Man Restless Desert Song Broken Body Maybe This Day In … Continue reading

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