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Soft Cell Go Out With A Bang In A Month… And Another Box!

As you may have seen from Taffy’s recent comment on yesterday’s post, Soft Cell will be playing their last ever show at the London O2 arena on September 30th, 2018. There still seem to be a few tickets left for … Continue reading

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Want List: Soft Cell Ready To Unleash BSOG [+ More] Beginning Next Week

While we have been hip deep in looooong threads for the last, uh, year [OMD Rock G.P.A., Ron Kane, Metamatic DLX RM, King Crimson live, etc.], I’ve not exactly been ignoring reality outside of my window; though it can seem … Continue reading

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Roxy Music Delights + Infuriates With Boxed Set Of Eponymous Album

Six or seven years ago there was a buzz on the 40th Anniversary of Roxy Music’s debut album. There was no shortage of leaky tales of Boxed Sets Of God™  being prepared for it’s 40th “birthday.” It would be a … Continue reading

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Want Visage BSOG? Act NOW.

Just a note mentioning that the 7xCD “Wild Life” set from Visage was limited to just 300 copies [now they tell us!] with only a tenth of those left as of an hour ago, so if you have an interest, … Continue reading

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Visage Go Out Guns Blazing

It’s been common knowledge that Visage have a new greatest hits album coming out on December 9th. It’s called “Wild Life” and is of some interest to the Visage collector, as well as the public at large. While there are … Continue reading

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Raiding The “Ice Box” – Planning An Icehouse BSOG [part 1]

Yesterday we skirted the edge of the phenomenon of bands I deeply love and collect but have not yet compiled a BSOG for. Ultravox were the elephant in the room, but as I mentioned, most of their rarity output can … Continue reading

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When To Compile…Or Not? A Monk’s Dilemma

First and foremost, it’s my job, as the Post-Punk Monk to compile boxed sets of god®. The engine that drives my music loving, record collecting, and graphic design passion is in making vast boxed sets of non-LP material by my … Continue reading

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