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Want List: Robert Palmer BSOG of Complete Island Albums UK 9xCD

We were slow to acknowledge the many charms of Robert Palmer at first. In 1978, when he got his first US Top 40 hits on his ’78/’79 albums with “Every Kinda People” and “Bad Case Of Loving You” I thought … Continue reading

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Mari Wilson “Showpeople” Finally Coming To The Silver Disc In DLX RM From Cherry Red

Yow! I’ve been waiting ever since 1985 for the complete, UK edition of Mari Wilson’s debut album “Showpeople” to reach the silver disc and after suffering the indignity of countless compilations instead, finally saw to compile the project myself, on … Continue reading

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Want List: Red Noise Boxed Set Posits The Unimaginable Overstimulation Of “Sound On Sound” In Surround Sound

Gloryoski! When It rains, it pours! So many new releases to desire …and so little money to buy them. Here we are in the midst of re-flooring our modest home, and far more work than that as there are many … Continue reading

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It’s 2022: Time For The 40th Anniversary Ultrabox Of Associates’ Meisterwerk “Sulk”

I’ve known about the 40th Anniversary DLX RM of Associates “Sulk” album for a few weeks now, but today is when it gets real for this Monk! This will be the fifth remastering of the crucial 1982 album; one of … Continue reading

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Want List: Bush Tetras Box Will Now Commemorate Dee Pop [1956-2021]

Just last week I was ecstatic to find out that I had a compilation from Mojo [bought from the local library] called “Death Disco” that was thick with Post-Punk tracks; many of which did not otherwise reside in the Record … Continue reading

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“Vienna” Gets Ultrabox After 40 Years As Synth Rock Touchstone [part 7]

[…continued from this post] Well, that took forever. I had to find out what was wrong with my 5.1 tuner that I was only hearing music on three of the five speakers, and it came down to the fact that … Continue reading

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Part 7 Of “Vienna” 40th Anniversary Box Will Have To Wait

Things are hurly-burly right now in Monk-Land®. Not only have I not had internet at work last week due to IT issues [the team always seem to be hitting the server during lunch], and then I took last Thursday day … Continue reading

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