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A Tale Of Two WOMADs: Classic 1982 Performances At 1st WOMAD Festival Coming To CD/LP

Back in 1980, Peter Gabriel was discussing musical options with the staff of The Bristol Recorder; an album-slash-magazine who had asked him for an interview and a few live tracks for their publication. One thing led to another and they … Continue reading

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Want List: Simple Minds’ 18th Opus, “Direction Of the Heart” In Pre-Order For October Release

Yesterday the unexpected news of a release date for the new Simple Minds album dropped. We will have our copies of “Direction of the Heart” on October 21st, 2022. Jim Kerr had been talking about this album that he and … Continue reading

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The Night Of The Proms: Middlebrow Eurokitsch?…Or The Final Frontier Of Your Obsessive Collection?

It was during the medium-high internet record collecting years around the turn of the century, that I became aware of a European phenomenon called “The Night Of The Proms.” This was begun in 1985 in Belgium by two students and … Continue reading

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Record Store Day 2022 Dangles Monkbait…I May Have To Act [part 1]

Ah yes. Record Store Day. That fake holiday that doesn’t give, but instead, takes. It’s coming again this year, and pandemic be damned, they are going ahead with the traditional April 23rd time frame. None of the periodic “drops” throughout … Continue reading

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Want List: Graeme Thomson Gives Simple Minds Their Due with “Themes For Great Cities: A New History Of Simple Minds” Book

It was almost two years ago I got wind of a new Simple Minds biography from the pen of Graeme Thomson. I had heard from Ross Stapleton, the Virgin A+R genius who got the band signed for their rightful ascent … Continue reading

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Simple Minds Revisit “Act Of Love” From Their Earliest Days Today

Simple Minds: Act Of Love – DL [2022] Act of Love 4:01 Friday we got a shock from the Simple Minds camp, who’ve been pretty quiet with the Covid Pandemic torpedoing the band’s formerly ceaseless live romp. Their 40 Years … Continue reading

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Simple Minds Book; “Heart of the Crowd” Pre-Launches With Details

Well, after the initial hubbub, the storyline on the new book about Simple Minds went quiet, as did almost everything in the band’s universe under the pandemic. When we first discussed the book, it was called “Book of Brilliant Things” … Continue reading

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