Just How Many Roxy Music Compilations DO I Own, Anyway?

Roxy Music ca 1972

Early lineup with Eno and Rik Kenton

Until 30 minutes ago, I had no idea what I was going to blog about. As I sometimes do, I headed over to my collection in Discogs.com and hit the “random item” button [sort of like the one on the right sidebar of this blog] and was rewarded with an LP I forgot that I had. Roxy Music: “The Atlantic Years | 1973-1980.” One of those records you pay a dollar or two for…just because. Then I got the idea to check and see how many of the Roxy Music compilations did I have in total. There were enough to blog about, that’s for certain! Here’s the story.

Roxy Music Greatest Hits ca 1977

ATCO Record| US \ LPO | 1977 | SD 38-103

Roxy Music: Greatest Hits US LP [1977]

  1. Virginia Plain
  2. Do The Strand
  3. All I Want Is You
  4. Out Of The Blue
  5. Pyjamarama
  6. Editions Of You
  7. Love Is The Drug
  8. Mother Of Pearl
  9. A Song For Europe
  10. The Thrill Of It All
  11. Street Life

This album was actually in my wife’s collection, but I probably would have bought it on my own at some point in the last 25 years! The selection of tracks is nothing to argue with. It was nice to see deep cuts like “Mother Of Pearl,” a single nowhere in the world, yet my absolute favorite Roxy Music song, was duly accounted for here. As Isaac Hayes would say, “daaaaaaaaamn right!” The cover by Mick Haggerty was a wonder with a gilded butterfly-wing fabric [?] background texture with a gold plated album sitting on it, subtly reflecting the traditional glamour muse model in the label area. I will admit that I pilfered the distorted reflection concept for my own JAPAN boxed set cover. I should play it to see which version of “Pyjamarama” it features.

Roxy Music the atlantic years LP cover 1983

Atco Records ‎| US | LP | 1983 | 90122-1

Roxy Music: The Atlantic Years 1973 | 1980 US LP [1983]

  1. Dance Away
  2. Angel Eyes
  3. Over You
  4. Love Is The Drug
  5. Oh Yeah
  6. Ain’t That So
  7. My Only Love
  8. In The Midnight Hour
  9. Still Falls The Rain
  10. Do The Strand

This was compiled by Atlantic Records, who held the license to Roxy in America for many years, but that didn’t stop it being released all over the world. Including the UK. Track selection is a bit strange, to say the least, but at least it only has two tracks from the previous “Greatest Hits.” I looked up the cover model on Discogs and she had hooked up with John Taylor of Duran Duran for several years following her usage on this cover. I don’t suppose that this cover had anything to do with their relationship? I believe my wife picked this up at a garage sale. She has a good eye. It’s the Peter Saville cover.

cover of street life the nest of roxy music and bryan ferry ca 1986

Reprise Records ‎| US | CD | 1986 | 9 25857-2

Bryan Ferry + Roxy Music: Street Life 20 Greatest Hits US CD [1986]

  1. Virginia Plain
  2. A Hard’s Rain A-Gonna Fall
  3. Pyjamarama
  4. Do The Strand
  5. These Foolish Things
  6. Street Life
  7. Let’s Stick Together
  8. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
  9. Love Is The Drug
  10. Sign Of The Times
  11. Dance Away
  12. Angel Eyes
  13. Oh Yeah
  14. Over You
  15. Same Old Scene
  16. In The Midnight Hour
  17. More Than This
  18. Avalon
  19. Slave To Love
  20. Jealous Guy

This was the first, but not the last, compilation to round up Ferry’s solo career with that of Roxy Music. How many other group leaders have their solo efforts so easily bundled together with their famous band like this? At the time I bought this, it was my only copy of “Pyjamarama” on CD, and no. I don’t know which version is here off the top of my head. It’s a good compilation for its time period with “Slave To Love” getting the nod of approval. At the time it was vital for me to have at least the singles from “Flesh + Blood” on CD format as I waited a long time for Virgin to re-issue that one on CD in the 90s. Plus, it had “Jealous Guy” on CD for the first time. The cover image of Ferry came from the early video performance of “Re-Make Re-Model” [I believe] and was nicely colorized by Keith Breeden. Apparently, this was sold with a TV ad campaign in the UK.

bryan ferry + roxy music album the collection ca. 1988

EG ‎| UK | CD | 1988 | EGCTV 2

Bryan Ferry + Roxy Music: The Ultimate Collection UK CD [1988]

  1. Let’s Stick Together [’88 Remix]
  2. The ‘In’ Crowd
  3. Dance Away
  4. Angel Eyes
  5. He’ll Have To Go
  6. Tokyo Joe
  7. All I Want Is You
  8. Jealous Guy
  9. The Price Of Love
  10. Don’t Stop The Dance
  11. Love Is The Drug
  12. This Is Tomorrow
  13. Slave To Love
  14. Help Me
  15. Avalon

Only two years later another Ferry/Roxy comp hit the streets! A third of the songs were carried over from the last compilation but there were a few bones tossed to fans. “Let’s Stick Together” was a 1988 remix, the first post-modern Roxy Music remix [Bruce Lampcov/Rhett Davies], but pretty harmless. “He’ll have To Go” was another lost track from the “Bride Stripped Bare” sessions to resurface when they needed some new blood. At least the version of “Jealous Guy” was unedited here. The previous compilation had over a minute trimmed off. The best bait here was the “Help Me” single [Theme from ‘The Fly”] on the shiny silver disc. After passing up “Don’t You [Forget About Me]” Ferry made up for it in earnest in doing lots of movie themes. This was one of the good ones. The cover by Michael Nash Associates looked like something for the Japanese market. A bit perfunctory.

Roxy Music the thrill of it all boxed set cover book

Virgin ‎| UK | 4xCD | 1995 | CDBOX5

Roxy Music: The Thrill Of It All UK 4xCD Digibook [1995]

Disc 1 [1972-1973]

  1. Re-Make / Re-Model
  2. Ladytron
  3. If There Is Something
  4. 2HB
  5. Chance Meeting
  6. Sea Breezes
  7. Do The Strand
  8. Beauty Queen
  9. Strictly Confidential
  10. Editions Of You
  11. In Every Dream Home A Heartache
  12. The Bogus Man
  13. For Your Pleasure
  14. Street Life
  15. Just Like You
  16. Amazona

Disc 2 [1973-1975]

  1. A Song For Europe
  2. Mother Of Pearl
  3. Sunset
  4. The Thrill Of It All
  5. Three And Nine
  6. All I Want Is You
  7. Out Of The Blue
  8. Bitter-Sweet
  9. Casanova
  10. A Really Good Time
  11. Prairie Rose
  12. Love Is The Drug
  13. Sentimental Fool
  14. Could It Happen To Me?
  15. Both Ends Burning
  16. Just Another High

Disc 3 [1979-1983]

  1. Manifesto
  2. Trash
  3. Angel Eyes
  4. Stronger Through The Years
  5. Ain’t That So
  6. Dance Away
  7. Oh Yeah
  8. Same Old Scene
  9. Flesh And Blood
  10. My Only Love
  11. Over You
  12. No Strange Delight
  13. More Than This
  14. Avalon
  15. While My Heart Is Still Beating
  16. Take A Chance With Me
  17. To Turn You On
  18. Tara

Disc 4 [Singles and B-Sides]

  1. Virginia Plain
  2. The Numberer
  3. Pyjamarama
  4. The Pride And The Pain
  5. Manifesto (Remake)
  6. Hula Kula
  7. Trash 2
  8. Your Application’s Failed
  9. Lover
  10. Sultanesque
  11. Dance Away (Ext. Remix)
  12. South Downs
  13. Angel Eyes (Ext. Remix)
  14. Always Unknowing
  15. The Main Thing (Ext. Remix)
  16. India
  17. Jealous Guy

Wow! This one was The Bomb when it came out! The Roxy Music Boxed Set for the hardcore fan. The first three discs compiled highlights of the band’s seven studio albums. If this had been a 5xCD box, they could have fit everything on it in a “Police “Message In A Box” fashion. That said, “For Your Pleasure” was only missing “Grey Lagoons.” The real pull here for people like me with all of the CDs already, was that only the early version of “Manifesto” on LP had the original versions of  “Dance Away,” “Angel Eyes” on it. All re-pressings and all of the CDs opted for the very different hit single mixes. But that was nothing compared to the grail-like bounty of the fourth disc. All of the non-LP A/B-sides were here…mostly. The live B-side of “For Your Pleasure” was absent. The version of “Pyjamarama” here differed from the one of “Street Life.”

But there were mistakes made. “The Numberer” was in mono and the abstract ambient “South Downs” had its channels reversed. The cover looked like leftover “Mamouna” photography from the year before, but this was quite the thing to have, back in the day. The booklet was riveting reading. I’m still waiting for that Roxy Music coffee table book!!! The discs had outtakes of the album covers printed on them. I was very happy to have received this as a birthday gift from my wife after it came out and I don’t even remember dropping any hints!

Bryan Ferry slave to love the best of the ballads CD cover

Virgin| UK | CD | 2000 | CDV 2921

Bryan Ferry: Slave To Love – The Best Of The Ballads [with Roxy Music] UK CD [2000]

  1. Slave To Love
  2. Jealous Guy
  3. This Love
  4. More Than This
  5. Falling In Love Again
  6. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
  7. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
  8. Oh Yeah
  9. Is Your Love Strong Enough
  10. Zamba
  11. These Foolish Things
  12. Crazy Love
  13. Sonnet 18
  14. Avalon
  15. Where Or When
  16. To Turn You On
  17. Windswept
  18. My Only Love

It was a dozen years later since the last Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music compilation… time was ripe for another! A few tracks even came from Ferry’s 1999 solo album of jazz age covers, so it was up to date. The emphasis on ballads made this a canny product for the “VH-1” Ferry fan who didn’t want tracks like “Mother of Pearl” shaking things up. A few rarities surfaced here to ensare me. Hardcore ferry fans had already bought the OST to “Threesome” years earlier to get the excellent song “Is Your Love Strong Enough” from the [terrible] Ridley Scott movie “Legend” but for anyone else, that was a great reason to buy. “Sonnet 18” was a Shakespeare adaptation made for the Princess Diana tribute album [of course, Ferry would suck up to The Royals!] and since there was no way I would ever buy that, this was a boon for my collector’s gene. And finally, the mystery track “This Love” only ever appeared… here! The cover by Swedish designer…John The Fisherman[?] was perfunctory.

the best of roxy music cover ca 2001

Virgin ‎| UK | SACD [hybrid] | 2001/3 SACDV 2939

Roxy Music: The Best of Roxy Music UK SACD [hybrid] [2001/2003]

  1. Avalon
  2. More Than This
  3. Jealous Guy
  4. Over You
  5. Same Old Scene
  6. Oh Yeah
  7. Angel Eyes
  8. Dance Away
  9. Both Ends Burning
  10. Love Is The Drug
  11. Out Of The Blue
  12. All I Want Is You
  13. Mother Of Pearl
  14. Street Life
  15. Do The Strand
  16. Pyjamarama
  17. Virginia Plain
  18. Re-Make / Re-Model

When we saw the mandatory Roxy Music 2001 world tour [twice!] of course they had to put another compilation out! Like most, this one had the edit of “Jealous Guy.” But the track order went in reverse this time. Ooooookay. I only just got a version of this since it was hardly mandatory, when I chanced across a SACD of this in the bins of the local Mr. Ks priced as if it were the conventional CD. The fools!! I’ve learned that DSD mastering is usually worth paying attention to for the best analog transfer you are likely to hear, and even though I don’t have a SACD player in my possession, many SACDs are hybrid discs with a CD layer that can be ready by any CD player. Like this one.

I’ve found that the DSD mastering makes a difference even when dithered down to CD resolution. I’ve not yet given it critical listening but word has it that this is the worst of all possible worlds: a DSD mastered disc with brickwalling! Well, for what I paid I was willing to find out! I’ve already got the T-shirt and program book with this art… why not go for the SACD? That’s Susie Bick a.k.a. Ms. Cave on the stylish cover.

roxy music the complete studio recordings box cover 2012

Virgin ‎| UK | 10xCD | 2012 | 5099944021726

Roxy Music: The Complete Studio Recordings UK 10xCD box [2012]

Disc 1 – Roxy Music

  1. Re-make / Re-model
  2. Ladytron
  3. If There Is Something
  4. 2 H.B.
  5. The Bob (Medley)
  6. Chance Meeting
  7. Would You Believe?
  8. Sea Breezes
  9. Bitters End

Disc 2 – For Your Pleasure

  1. Do The Strand
  2. Beauty Queen
  3. Strictly Confidential
  4. Editions Of You
  5. In Every Dream Home A Heartache
  6. The Bogus Man
  7. Grey Lagoons
  8. For Your Pleasure

Disc 3 – Stranded

  1. Street Life
  2. Just Like You
  3. Amazona
  4. Psalm
  5. Serenade
  6. A Song For Europe
  7. Mother Of Pearl
  8. Sunset

Disc 4 – Country Life

  1. The Thrill Of It All
  2. Three And Nine
  3. All I Want Is You
  4. Out Of The Blue
  5. If It Takes All Night
  6. Bitter-Sweet
  7. Triptych
  8. Casanova
  9. A Really Good Time
  10. Prairie Rose

Disc 5 – Siren

  1. Love Is The Drug
  2. End Of The Line
  3. Sentimental Fool
  4. Whirlwind
  5. She Sells
  6. Could It Happen To Me?
  7. Both Ends Burning
  8. Nightingale
  9. Just Another High

Disc 6 – Manifesto

  1. Manifesto
  2. Trash
  3. Angel Eyes
  4. Still Falls The Rain
  5. Stronger Through The Years
  6. Ain’t That So
  7. My Little Girl
  8. Dance Away
  9. Cry, Cry, Cry
  10. Spin Me Round

Disc 7 – Flesh + Blood

  1. The Midnight Hour
  2. Oh Yeah
  3. Same Old Scene
  4. Flesh And Blood
  5. My Only Love
  6. Over You
  7. Eight Miles High
  8. Rain Rain Rain
  9. No Strange Delight
  10. Running Wild

Disc 8 – Avalon

  1. More Than This
  2. The Space Between
  3. Avalon
  4. India
  5. While My Heart Is Still Beating
  6. The Main Thing
  7. Take A Chance With Me
  8. To Turn You On
  9. True To Life
  10. Tara

Disc 9 – Singles, B-Sides And Alternative Mixes A

  1. Virginia Plain
  2. The Numberer
  3. Pyjamarama (Island Mix)
  4. Pyjamarama (Polydor Mix)
  5. The Pride And The Pain
  6. Do The Strand (USA 7″ Mix)
  7. Hula Kula
  8. Your Application’s Failed
  9. The Thrill Of It All (Edit)
  10. The Thrill Of It All (USA 7″ Mix)
  11. Love Is The Drug (USA 7″ Mix)
  12. Sultanesque
  13. Both Ends Burning (7″ Mix)
  14. For Your Pleasure (Live)
  15. Trash 2
  16. Dance Away (7″ Version)
  17. Dance Away (Canadian Extended 12″ Mix)
  18. Angel Eyes (7″ Version)
  19. Angel Eyes (12″ Version)

Disc 10 – Singles, B-Sides And Alternative Mixes B

  1. Oh Yeah (7″ Version)
  2. Manifesto (Remake)
  3. South Downs
  4. Lover
  5. Jealous Guy
  6. To Turn You On (1981 B-Side Version)
  7. More Than This (7″ Version)
  8. Avalon (7″ Version)
  9. Always Unknowing
  10. Take A Chance With Me (7″ Version)
  11. Take A Chance With Me (USA 7″ Mix)
  12. The Main Thing (12″ Version)
  13. The Main Thing (Remix)

And finally, we have…this! All things to all people, the 2012 studio boxed set that while it lacked any live albums from the band, bent the rules just enough to give us the one live B-side the band released! All of the albums are in gatefold laminated cardboard sleeves with inner sleeves. Even the ones that were never gatefold. But the reason to buy is more than the 2003 remasters of the albums. This time there was two CDs packed with every conceivable rarity. 7″ edits for the USA? They’re here. The Canadian 12″ remix of “Angel Eyes?” Heck, I didn’t even know about that one until I got this set. The ne plus ultra of the Roxy Music fan’s collection.

more than this the best of bryann ferry and roxy music coverStrangely enough, there are only a few Roxy Music comps missing from my collection. The main one I don’t have is at left, but I do have the all-important [at the time] JPN laserdisc version of that title that was packed with Roxy Music and solo Ferry music videos! I never set out to collect this many compilations, but the manner in which they trickled out was most sly indeed, ensuring my eventual purchase most of the time for one track or another. It helped that none of these were purchased as as new items [save for the gift my wife gave me].

– 30 –

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29 Responses to Just How Many Roxy Music Compilations DO I Own, Anyway?

  1. Tim says:

    This Love is a cover of a song by Craig Armstrong that was on his first album, “The Space Between Us” and the vox on that album are handled by Liz (Cocteau Twins) Fraser. There’s also a take on a Blue Nile track on that album. The third Craig Armstrong album “It’s Nearly Tomorrow” has Paul Buchanan doing guest vox on two tracks for those Blue Nile completionists in the audience.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Tim – Thanks so much for the info! I didn’t have the time to go trolling in Discogs today.


      • Tim says:

        The Craig Armstrong albums are quite good. The first one has some instrumental takes on tracks from Massive Attack, the second one has this killer track called “Wake Up In New York” that has vox by Evan Dando (who I am not usually a fan of but this is a pretty well put together song). All three of the albums are worth seeking out, you’re in a sound that intersects ambient/trip hop/movie soundtrack territory but the man has some mojo going on.
        I’m not much of a Cocteau Twins fan but the original of “This Love” is quite good, ethereal with a heartbeaty pulse going on. I bought the Ferry best of for that track alone, I love the original and was thrilled to see Mr Ferry put his signature sound on it. Both versions stand on their own and sonically each has their own textures.


        • postpunkmonk says:

          Tim – You are a wellspring of information sir! And I’m not the only one who buys a CD for one track then?


          • Tim says:

            Ala carte mp3 purchases have saved my wallet big time.
            I’ve recently found about a dozen tracks that Stuart Staples from the Tindersticks has done vocals on – twelve dollars in download purchases for the tracks vs two hundred dollars if I bought all of the albums.


  2. Gerald McBoing-Boing says:

    Re: the Thrill Of It All box, what live b-side are you referring to? And any idea as to the source of the different “Pyjamarama”?


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Gerald McBoing-Boing – The version of “For Your Pleasure” that was live was the B-side for “Both Ends Burning.” The Island mix of “Pyjamarama” was the first mix. In 1977 when the band were signed to Polydor, the label commissioned a remix for the first greatest hits album, and from that day in we’ve had two mixes out there.


  3. Mark Moerman says:

    I lived in England when “Pyjamarama” was a hit and loved it, and so I was thrilled when the first greatest hits came out and it was finally possible to obtain that track in the LP configuration. I found the “Thrill of it All” box set mis-priced at a Tower Records 20 years or so ago and glommed onto it immediately. “Your Application’s Failed” is a big fave of mine.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Mark Moerman – Wow, so experienced Roxy Music in the mother country? That must have been exciting. My wife lived near Cleveland [Akron] so that area was their big foothold in America at first. In Orlando I had to wait until “Love Is The Drug” crept into the lower reaches of the Top 40 to begin my lifelong obsession. Pricing errors or not, I certainly miss Tower Records! Our finest chain?


      • Mark Moerman says:

        I was also there when “Virginia Plain” was a hit, but for whatever reason “Pyjamarama” made more of an impact on me. I miss Tower Records in its glory days, but those were long gone by the time it died. My Roxy Music box set was underpriced by about $30 when I found it, compared to the prices I’d seen at other Towers. I think someone at that store failed to grasp its expensive import status. Lucky me!


  4. SimonH says:

    I’m surprised at how many of these I have! Strangely my parents had somehow picked up the Atlantic Years album, pretty sure it got more plays from me though.


  5. Ade.W says:

    They just seem to rehash the same batch of songs over and over again, but hey ho, you pays your money. Of course we’ve all got a few of these comps, I like the one “The early Years” basically the first 3 albums best bits, but i could compile that myself. There is another Ferry comp, “The best of” with 2 bonus tracks on the end, an alternate version of “a fool for love”, its only worth a punt if you can find it like i did in the 2 quid bins. Roxy music is where it started for me and have just seen incoming for next year “Bryan Ferry live Earls Court 1974” cant wait.


  6. Really fun read – and the first I knew of Ferry’s reading of He’ll Have To Go. Great to hear that although my favorite Bride Stripped Bare outtakes remain Crazy Love and Feel The Need. Cheers!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Jeremy Shatan – “Crazy Love” and “Feel The Need” are indeed top quality Ferry covers. “Crazy Love” had all the right stuff for A-side material, frankly. But ironically, it was “He’ll Have To Go” that was ultimately released as the third single in 1989 from “Ultimate Collection” following on remixes of “Let’s Stick Together” [EGO 44 – included on the album] and “The Price Of Love” [EGO 46 – not indluded]. With “He’ll Have To Go” [EGO 48] not having any single remixes.


  7. Ade.W says:

    Yes,” Feel the need” is a cracker, how about a comp that gathers up all these odds and sods including “As the world turns” “Four letter love” and any other B sides.


  8. Ade.W says:

    Sorry, that should be” Royal Albert Hall 1974″, got a bit excited.


  9. diskojoe says:

    I have the Street Life compilation that I originally bought on cassette back in the day & the 1995 Roxy box set. A few years ago a friend got me something called Bryan Ferry the Collection which consists of 2 CDs, The Collection of Ballads, which is the same as the Slave to Love compilation, & The Collection of Hits, which is all his solo UK hits, as well a the DVD of a Paris concert from 2000. The back cover is a picture of a young Bryan posing w/a 1955 Studerbaker (an American car which is no longer made)


    • postpunkmonk says:

      diskojoe – That set with the DVD sounds interesting. Was that the “As Time Goes By” tour still in 2000? I think we saw that in 1999. That was my favorite Ferry tour ever, with the jazz band doing amazing arrangements of some really deep material.


  10. diskojoe says:

    That 2000 Paris show was 1920s Jazz based arrangements of Roxy/Ferry songs, so it could be from that tour.


  11. diskojoe says:

    There is no label information or product number on my copy. All there is is a 2006 copyright date. There is something called Bryan Ferry the Collection avaiable on Amazon US & UK that has a front cover like my copy, but it looks like a one CD version of Ferry’s hits. The CDs/DVD look professional (silver), as well as the packaging. I’ll have to ask my friend where he go it.


  12. TB says:

    My go-to has been The Early Years…..it implied a the Later Years which never arrived. Nice liners tho. Concise collection of the Eno years and then some.



    • postpunkmonk says:

      TB – I really should have a copy of “The Early Years!” Any band I like [see: Simple Minds also] that had a comp calling itself “The Early Years” is usually the best possible compilation to have!


  13. Pingback: Roxy Music: The Missing Piece of Their Canon – “The High Road” | Post-Punk Monk

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