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Want List: Fashiøn – “Fabrique Deluxe” Ultrabox Coming…Finally!

I’ve watched from afar the slow, stately process of vocalist Dave Harris and Zeus B. Held compiling and remastering all of the tracks surrounding the 1982 “Fabrique” album from Fashiøn. Word has bubbled under in the Fashiøn fan community for … Continue reading

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Record Review: Pete Wylie – Sinful US CD

Peter Wylie: Sinful – US – CD [1987] Sinful Shoulder To Shoulder Break Out The Banners Fourelevenfourtyfour If I Love You Train To Piranhaville We Can Rule The World All The Love I’d read a bit about Pete Wylie in … Continue reading

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REDUX: Mayan Drums – The Luxuriant Return Of Gina X

February 18, 2014 Austra + Gina X: Mayan Drums UK 12″ [2013] Mayan Drums (Original) Mayan Drums (Instrumental) Mayan Drums (Vocal) Mayan Drums (Zeus B. Held Voice Versa Remix) Mayan Drums (Doldrums Remix) Mayan Drums (Hervé Retro Dark Dub) Back … Continue reading

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Record Review: Fashiøn – Streetplayer-Mechanik

Fashiøn: Streetplayer – Mechanik UK 12″ [1982] Streetplayer – Mechanik [audiø extra] Mutant Mix Mechanik Dressed Tø Kill [mix] After hearing the first Fàshiön Music album, “Product Perfect” back in 1979, I didn’t expect to hear them resurface again three … Continue reading

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Cars: The Motion Picture [1993]

Gary Numan: Cars UK CD5 [1993] Cars [’93 Sprint] Cars [Multivalve] Cars [Classic] Cars [Endurance] Cars [Top Gear] Cars [Motorway Mix] Cars [E. Reg] Back in the lean years of ’88-’95 for Gary Numan, I made it a policy to … Continue reading

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Record Review: Alphaville – So80s [part 1]

Alphaville: So80s GER 2xCD [2014] Disc 1 – 12” Singles [85:10] Big In Japan (Extended Re-Mix) Sounds Like A Melody (Special Long Version) Forever Young (Special Dance Version) Jet Set (Jellybean Mix) Dance With Me (Empire Remix) Universal Daddy (Aquarian … Continue reading

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Finest Remixes [part 5]

I still have not had the time to really dig through the Record Cell, and yesterday I had to cut my lunch hour short due to [gasp] work, so here are more mixes that impress off the top of my … Continue reading

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