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Midge Ure Releases Live Album Of His “1980” Tour

Midge Ure self releases a lot of material on his own Environment label. There are lots of live recordings in particular that he’s issued over the years, but this one is of the highest interest since he’s issued his excellent … Continue reading

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Classic Pop’s New Romantic Special Attempts To Parse the Slippery “Movement”

It’s been a while now, but knowing my predilections, commenter Jordan asked me if I’d be interested in a copy of the Classic Pop “New Romantic Special Edition” from 2019. Not being one to turn down too many free offers, … Continue reading

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REDUX: A Visage Post Script With Logan Sky and Steven Jones

November 20, 2015 With Visage now concluded, where does that leave us, the fans? There was a lot of talent stirred into Team Visage, and their keyboardist Logan Sky has many irons in the fire that offer ways forward now that the … Continue reading

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Want List: Rubellan Remasters Returns Attention To Visage On 12″ Disc With “Fade To Grey”

It’s no secret that Rubellan Remasters have really worked that Visage action like the pros they are! With definitive CD DLX RMs of the first two Visage albums, as well as the exotic dance mix variations of “Beat Boy” and … Continue reading

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Rubellan Remasters Win Again With Beat Boy Cassette Remix CD

Visage: Beat Boy Cassette Remix Edition DLX RM – US – CD [2022] Beat Boy 7:19 Casualty 6:02 Questions 7:11 Only The Good [Die Young] 5:33 Can You Hear Me 6:32 The Promise 4:10 Love Glove 5:45 Yesterday’s Shadow 6:34 … Continue reading

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Weird Formats: Before The DVD, There Was The CDV

Oh, but I used to be a bleeding edge kind of technology guy as a videophile guy with an abiding interest in the best quality available back then. I was always a ßetamax user, until S-VHS appeared and I could … Continue reading

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The “1980 Tour: The Finale” Captured Peak Midge Ure [Part 2]

[continued from last post…] I immediately noted how synth player Joseph O’Keefe held back the tempo of the piano intro to “Private Lives” to prolong the timing of the throwback intro for maximum impact. which made his pitch bending on … Continue reading

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