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Record Review: Ramones – It’s Alive

Ramones: It’s Alive US CD [1995] Rockaway Beach Teenage Lobotomy Blitzkrieg Bop I Wanna Be Well Glad To See You Go Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment You’re Gonna Kill That Girl I Don’t Care Sheena Is A Punk Rocker Havana Affair … Continue reading

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It’s Pearl Harbour Day

Since it’s December 7th, thoughts turn to Pearl Harbour. No…not that one! The femme rockabilly artist who started her career in New Wave before finding her true voice a year later. I first heard Pearl Harbor + The Explosions in 1979 … Continue reading

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Raiding The “Ice Box” – Planning An Icehouse BSOG [part 8]

Following the insular release of “Code Blue,” [there was never a copy sold anywhere but in Australia/New Zealand] the band lineup that had stabilized around guitarist Bob Kretschmer, Andy Qunta, et. al. for several years of success splintered. I thought … Continue reading

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David Bowie Memory Palace [part 27]

1999 [continued] When I did some poking around [Discogs didn’t exist yet, but Bowie’s discography was fairly widespread on the web even in 1999], I discovered that now that I was actually contemplating buying copies of “Let’s Dance,” “Tonight,” and … Continue reading

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David Bowie Memory Palace [part 21]

1995 [continued] Several months of 1995 were spent waiting for the new David Bowie album, “Outside.” This was it. The big one. The one where he and Eno finally made the 4ourth album of their “Berlin Trilogy.” This one would … Continue reading

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Three British Bands That I Liked In The 90s: #2 – Pulp

In 1994 I actually heard a British band on the radio that made me go out and buy the album immediately. The band were Pulp and the song was “Do You Remember The First Time?” I heard it in my … Continue reading

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Rock G.P.A.: Simple Minds [part 36]

Simple Minds | Good News From The Next World – 2.5 [continued from last post] As much as I liked the first single, the next track, Night Music,” was even better. This was a euphoric, propulsive song about the elusive … Continue reading

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