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“Ouvrez Le Chien” Captures Re-energized Bowie Eschewing Compromise

In theory, the issue of the limited edition set of 1990s Bowie tour albums as the Brilliant Live Adventures series, was a cool and wonderful thing. The 90s were all about Bowie re-finding his mojo after the excesses and compromises … Continue reading

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The Night Of The Proms: Middlebrow Eurokitsch?…Or The Final Frontier Of Your Obsessive Collection?

It was during the medium-high internet record collecting years around the turn of the century, that I became aware of a European phenomenon called “The Night Of The Proms.” This was begun in 1985 in Belgium by two students and … Continue reading

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Billy MacKenzie’s “Satellite Life” Box With Steve Aungle, Stands As His Definitive Late Statement [part 1]

Billy MacKenzie: Satellite Life Recordings 1994-1996 – UK – 3xCD [2022] Disc 1: Winter Academy 1. Sing That Song Again2. Winter Academy3. Wild Is The Wind4. Blue It Is5. The Soul That Sighs6. Mother Earth7. And This She Knows8. When … Continue reading

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Rock G.P.A.: The Blow Monkeys [part 20]

[…continued from last post] The first Dr. Robert solo album was produced by the artist and licensed to a number of labels for worldwide release in 1994. “Realms Of Gold” was a portrait of an artist coming to grips with … Continue reading

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Record Review: The Chameleons – “What Does Anything Mean? Basically” UK CD [part 2]

[…continued from last post] Was there ever a Post-Punk title more appropriate than “Looking Inwardly?” The music, more than lived up to the promise in such a moniker with cascades of drums and guitars building to powerful crescendos as Burgess, … Continue reading

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Record Review: The Chameleons – “What Does Anything Mean? Basically” UK CD [part 1]

Silence, Sea And Sky Perfume Garden Intrigue In Tangiers Return Of The Roughnecks Singing Rule Britannia (While The Walls Close In) On The Beach Looking Inwardly One Flesh P.S. Goodbye In Shreds Nostalgia I first heard The Chameleons on college … Continue reading

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A Young Person’s Guide To: Bryan Ferry – Mamouna

The “Mamouna” era of Bryan Ferry was pretty significant for me. I loved the album which saw the first of several times going forward that Brian Eno was up to working with Bryan Ferry again. In late 1994, my friend … Continue reading

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