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Record Review: Shriekback – “Nemesis” UK 2×12″

Shriekback: Nemesis – UK – 2×12″ [1985] Nemesis [ext. ver.] 5:49 Suck [live @ Hatfield Poly] Mothloop [live # Hatfield Poly] Feelers [live @ Hatfield Poly] The mid eighties was not the kindest time for most of my favorite musicians. … Continue reading

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Building A Perfect Vicious Pink Phenomena Collection

The post before last, I mentioned how Data reminded me of Vicious Pink Phenomena. And that got the old mental wheels turning. This morning I had to dig out the 2012 Cherry Pop Vicious Pink CD I thankfully bought pretty … Continue reading

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A Young Person’s Guide To Shock’s “Angel Face”

I posted a brief “Song of the Day” post on Shock’s “Angel Face” way back at the dawn of this blog, and now that I finally got the 12″ single of the electro classic, as well as the 2010 remix … Continue reading

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The Return Of Scooped: Peter Gabriel – Flotsam + Jetsam Competes With My Own Set From 2006 [part 2]

[…continued from last post] So yesterday we covered what I’m missing: six tracks from the early-mid solo era. Two of them were unleashed only for this set, and I actually had one of the missing tunes without knowing it! The … Continue reading

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The Return Of Scooped: Peter Gabriel – Flotsam + Jetsam Competes With My Own Set From 2006 [part 1]

Last Friday I noticed that there was a massive dump of peter gabriel rarities in the form of a digital-only BSOG. Of course, that made me think of my attempt at such a beast back in 2006. I had wanted … Continue reading

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Funky Justice: ACR get BSOG

No sooner have I finally gotten some of A Certain Ratio into my Record Cell [finally] last year than I see that the band will be celebrating their 40 years span with the sort of boxed set that makes me … Continue reading

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REDUX: The Day Ozzy Went New Wave…And Disco!

March 4, 2014 I was never really a Black Sabbath fan. Sure, sure. I had a compilation I wanted for my birthday at age eleven with the excellent single “Paranoid” on it, but as the eighties dawned, I much preferred … Continue reading

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