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Record Review: Heaven 17 – “Let Me Go” UK 12″

Heaven 17: Let Me Go – UK – 12″ [1982] Let Me Go [12″ version] 6:14 Let Me Go [instrumental] 4:54 It was 40 years ago this month when the first single from Heaven 17’s sophomore album was released and … Continue reading

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Monk Melts Down: Is There Room For Barry Manilow In The Record Cell?

There are all sorts of anomalies out there that manifest to give me conundrums to chew on. For certain there are those examples of False New Wave [a.k.a. “faking it“] but for every ex-hippie trying to fit into the new … Continue reading

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REDUX: Record Review: Pulp – After You

November 3, 2015 Pulp: After You UK 12″ [2013] After You [Pulp vx Soulwax] After You [original version] After You [The 4am Desperation Disco To Disco Dub Version] I was excited when Pulp reactivated in 2011 after laying dormant for a … Continue reading

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Record Review: Shriekback – “Nemesis” UK 2×12″

Shriekback: Nemesis – UK – 2×12″ [1985] Nemesis [ext. ver.] 5:49 Suck [live @ Hatfield Poly] Mothloop [live # Hatfield Poly] Feelers [live @ Hatfield Poly] The mid eighties was not the kindest time for most of my favorite musicians. … Continue reading

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Building A Perfect Vicious Pink Phenomena Collection

The post before last, I mentioned how Data reminded me of Vicious Pink Phenomena. And that got the old mental wheels turning. This morning I had to dig out the 2012 Cherry Pop Vicious Pink CD I thankfully bought pretty … Continue reading

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A Young Person’s Guide To Shock’s “Angel Face”

I posted a brief “Song of the Day” post on Shock’s “Angel Face” way back at the dawn of this blog, and now that I finally got the 12″ single of the electro classic, as well as the 2010 remix … Continue reading

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The Return Of Scooped: Peter Gabriel – Flotsam + Jetsam Competes With My Own Set From 2006 [part 2]

[…continued from last post] So yesterday we covered what I’m missing: six tracks from the early-mid solo era. Two of them were unleashed only for this set, and I actually had one of the missing tunes without knowing it! The … Continue reading

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