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REVO Remastering: Howard Devoto – Devoto Companion [REVO 062]

Howard Devoto: Devoto Companion 2xCD [2009] DISC 1 | Solo Endeavors Magazine: Model Worker [live Urgh!] Bernard Szanjer: Without Leaving Bernard Szanjer: Deal Of the Century Bernard Szanjer: The Convention Devoto: Rainy Season [7”] Devoto: Rainforest [var. N16] Devoto: Cold Imagination … Continue reading

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Song Of The Day: Robert Palmer – You Are In My System

Robert Palmer: You Are In My System US 12″ [1983] You Are In My System [12″ remix] Deadline It’s been a long time since there was a legit Song of the Day. Usually, whatever project I am working on has … Continue reading

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Record Review: Alphaville – So80s [part 1]

Alphaville: So80s GER 2xCD [2014] Disc 1 – 12” Singles [85:10] Big In Japan (Extended Re-Mix) Sounds Like A Melody (Special Long Version) Forever Young (Special Dance Version) Jet Set (Jellybean Mix) Dance With Me (Empire Remix) Universal Daddy (Aquarian … Continue reading

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A Young Person’s Guide To: Bryan Ferry – Limbo

1987 brought the Bryan Ferry album “Bête Noir” and at the time, I was somewhat distanced by the Patrick Leonard writing credits on most of the tracks. That meant that half of the album had the unsavory whiff of Madonna … Continue reading

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Record Review: Pulp – After You

Pulp: After You UK 12″ [2013] After You [Pulp vx Soulwax] After You [original version] After You [The 4am Desperation Disco To Disco Dub Version] I was excited when Pulp reactivated in 2011 after laying dormant for a decade and what … Continue reading

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Record Review: The Blow Monkeys – It Pays To Be Twelve

The Blow Monkeys: It Pays To Be Twelve UK 12″ [1988] It Pays To Be Twelve This Is Your House Digging Your Remix This has been a long time coming! 27 years ago I bought every Blow Monkeys single that I … Continue reading

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Record Review: Visage – Lost In Static

Visage: Lost In Static UK 12″ [2015] Lost In Static [extended mix] Seven Deadly Sins [part 2] When I had my mail held while on my recent vacation, I knew that this delight would be waiting for me upon my … Continue reading

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