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Poll: The Bowie Compilation Album To Have When You’re Having Only One [part 1]

I was looking at the latest feed on Discogs and noticed a Bowie compilation that was new to me this morning. “Chameleon” was an Australian/New Zealand compilation new to me, and with a very dated line in airbrush art using … Continue reading

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Want List: Rubellan Remasters Returns Attention To Visage On 12″ Disc With “Fade To Grey”

It’s no secret that Rubellan Remasters have really worked that Visage action like the pros they are! With definitive CD DLX RMs of the first two Visage albums, as well as the exotic dance mix variations of “Beat Boy” and … Continue reading

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Rock G.P.A.: The Blow Monkeys [part 21]

[…continued from last post] As the 90s dawned and all of the Classic Rock was out on CD format, the market expanded to allow the first stirrings of 80s nostalgia, and the budget compilation market exploded by the decade’s mid … Continue reading

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Record Review: The Go-Betweens – “1978-1990” – A Focus On The Rarities

The Go-Betweens: 1978-1990 – CAN – CD [1990] Hammer The Hammer Cattle And Cane Man O’Sand To Girl O’Sea Bachelor Kisses Draining The Pool For You Spring Rain The Clarke Sisters Right Here Bye Bye Pride The House That Jack … Continue reading

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New Album “PRSNT” Expressly Made For Short Attention Spans At 6 And A Half Minutes Long

Yesterday, I received an email from DJ Shelf. Did I know about a provocative new album with Ryuichi Sakamoto contributing to it? One that was only 6:30 long? He sent me the press release from the project’s progenitor, Modern Obscure … Continue reading

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Want List: John Foxx – Concrete + Organized Noise UK LP

John Foxx: Concrete + Organized Noise UK LP [2020] Side 1 A Frozen Moment He’s A Liquid (Instrumental Dub) Mr. No (Alternative Version) The Uranium Committee A Man Alone Over Tokyo Terminal Zone Burning Car (Early Version) Side 2 A … Continue reading

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Just How Many Roxy Music Compilations DO I Own, Anyway?

Until 30 minutes ago, I had no idea what I was going to blog about. As I sometimes do, I headed over to my collection in Discogs.com and hit the “random item” button [sort of like the one on the … Continue reading

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