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Raiding The “Ice Box” – Planning An Icehouse BSOG [part 4]

1985 brought a new drive to Icehouse since the previous album, “Sidewalk” saw a marked shift downward from the growth curve that had moved from “Icehouse” to “Primitive Man.” The pressure was on, but the band had now gelled around … Continue reading

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Raiding The “Ice Box” – Planning An Icehouse BSOG [part 3]

1983 brought a new Icehouse album made with the same band that had toured the previous album, which had been made without them, deep in Keith Forsey’s laboratory. After an album of glossy, synthesizer atmospherics, this one took a half … Continue reading

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Not DEVO…But An Incredible Simulation! [conclusion]

When it came to two guys [“Martini Ranch”] wanting some of that DEVO action, they did the obvious and enlisted half of that band in crafting “How Can The Labouring Man Find Time For Self-Culture.” Fair enough, but two years prior … Continue reading

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Record Review: Data – Blow USP 12″

Data: Blow US Promo 12″ [1985] Blow [The Blow Out Version] Blow [The Blow Out Version single edit] D.J. [The Club DJ version] This was a record that I bought almost a year ago and it had begun to stick … Continue reading

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Record Review: November Group – Work That Dream

November Group: Work That Dream US EP [1985] Volker Work That Dream Put Your Back To It [2] No Promise Arrows Up To Heaven Careful [Life Is A Fragile Thing] Now we’ll discuss the third and final November Group EP, … Continue reading

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It’s Immaterial Prehistory In Need Of Compiling…Can It Be Done?

Yesterday we looked at the much-needed compilation of the first album period on Circa/Virgin by It’s Immaterial, but by that time, the band had a four year history that had gone all over the indie label map. Of course, the … Continue reading

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Record Review: The Dream Academy

The Dream Academy: The Dream Academy US CD [1985] Life In A Northern Town The Edge Of Forever [Johnny] New Light In Places On The Run This World Bound To Be Moving On The Love Parade The Party One Dream … Continue reading

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