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Want List: Adam Steiner’s “Silhouettes + Shadows” Gets One Of Bowie’s Most Fascinating Albums Under The Microscope In Upcoming Book

We all have our own personal Most Crucial David Bowie albums. I can make a cogent argument for more than half of his 1970-1980 oeuvre, but at the end of the day two albums in particular sit atop my special … Continue reading

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ABC★★★ “Lexicon Of Love” Ultrabox Coming With LPs, Blu-Ray…But No CDs?

ABC★★★: The Lexicon Of Love [40th Anniversary Edition] – 4xLP + Blu-Ray – UK [2023] LP1 – Side A: The Lexicon Of Love – Half-Speed 2023 mastered at Abbey Road by Miles Showell LP1 – Side B: The Lexicon Of … Continue reading

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The Metamorph Returns With Crisp, Unnerving Album Of Synthetic Dystopia Pierced With Shards Of Hope

The Metamorph: The Man On The 99th Floor – UK – LP [gray vinyl] – 2023 My favorite EP of 2021 was from The Metamorph, and we’ve waited for his full-length follow up and it’s due to arrive on May … Continue reading

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Want List: Stewart Copeland’s “Police Diaries” To Shed Light On the Band’s ‘Hungry Years’ Along With Demo CD

Tuesday before last, I got a message from Rocket 88 Books; the imprint responsible for several fine volumes in my Record Cell, touting what will surely be a book I’d love to read. Stewart Copeland; drummer extraordinaire, bon vivant, and … Continue reading

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Want List: Electronic Sounds #101 Offers The Blue Hit Of Space With Martyn Ware 7″

Gloryoski! It seems like we just ordered our semi-annual issue of the generally delightful Electronic Sound magazine. In fact, we’ve not yet found the time to actually read the issue! Though we have listened to the CDs and need to … Continue reading

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Tomek Lamprecht Finally Has Full Length “Fairlight + Funk” Album Of No Wave Funk…40 Years Later

You may have noticed that I’ve been tumbling down the rabbit hole of NYC/No Wave acts who are getting their material reissued on the Sundazed/Modern Harmonic label. First we investigated The Dance being reissued in 2022. Then the precursor to … Continue reading

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Jerry Harrison’s “The Red + The Black” Is Finally Back In Print In Deluxe 2xLP Expanded Package I’ve Been Waiting 42 Years For [part 4]

[…continued from last post] The dub mix of “Things Fall Apart” began gingerly, with the delicate TR-808 percussion track alone in the spotlight with just naked claves, shakers, and cowbell that were otherwise buried in the album mix for the … Continue reading

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