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Record Review: Klark Kent – “Away From Home” US 7″

Klark Kent: Away From Home – US – Green 7″ [1980] Away From Home Office Talk I can’t believe I’ve never reviewed this record but it has been a much-loved piece in my Record Cell for over 40 years! I … Continue reading

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Want List: Building That Pete Shelley Rarities Disc

I’ve been steadily building up the Pete Shelley collection for 41 years now! Even before his death in 2018, I was hoping that I’d soon have the pieces to compile a REVO collection of his rarities. I think I’m about … Continue reading

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Record Review: ABC ★★★: “Sixty Seconds Later” B-Side Shines In Gold Vinyl

ABC★★★: Look Good Tonight – UK – 7″ [2022] Look Good Tonight Sixty Seconds Later It’s hard to believe that only eleven days ago we wrote about the desirable new 7″ by ABC★★★ that was bundled with the latest issue … Continue reading

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Want List: Electronic Sound Issue 90 Bundled With New ABC 7″

Stop the presses! We interrupt this regularly scheduled review for some very timely info. I just got the email from Electronic Sound and I’m sharing it with you because time is of the essence This will sell out sometime today … Continue reading

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…But What About Falco?

Last week we posted on the notion of “New Wave Or Novelty…?” and the elephant in the room, even though he was not included in the artists and records discussed, was Austria’s Falco. I have been dismissive of Falco for … Continue reading

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Record Review: B-52’s – “Give Me Back My Man” UK 7″

The B-52’s: Give Me Back My Man – UK – 7″ [1980] I lucked into this record in the first of two [!] visits to Time Traveler Records in Akron, Ohio during 2019. Even today, there are no copies of … Continue reading

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Record Review: Shox – “No Turning Back” UK 7″

Shox: No Turning Back – UK – 7″ [1980] No Turning Back Lying Here Shox were a band that I only found out about many years [decades, actually] into my Jacqui Brookes fandom. I was wondering what Ms. Brookes had … Continue reading

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