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All The Way To Cleveland: The Mott The Hoople Saga [part 3]

Record Shopping Road Trip: Time Traveler Records – Akron, Ohio […continued from last post] As usual, coming to Time Traveler was like coming home. This is one of the record stores in another city that I’ve visited countless times. Right … Continue reading

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Record Review: Dalek i Love You [part 2]

[continued from previous post…] Yesterday we cast an ear towards the original 1983 album. Today, we examine the singles with the bonus tracks that made it onto this DLX RM. Dalek i Love You: Holiday In Disneyland UK 12″ [1982] … Continue reading

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Record Review: Pet Shop Boys – Discography

Pet Shop Boys: Discography US CD [1991] West End Girls Love Comes Quickly Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money) Suburbia It’s A Sin What Have I Done To Deserve This? Rent Always On My Mind Heart Domino Dancing Left To … Continue reading

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Record Review: Duran Duran – My Own Way

Duran Duran: My Own Way UK 7″ [1981] My Own Way [7″ version] Like An Angel I was an early convert to the church of Double Duran [R.I.P. J.J.Jackson]. My friend chasinvictoria initially sent me a tape letter in 1981 … Continue reading

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Record Review: Graham Parker – I Want You Back [Alive]

Graham Parker + The Rumour: I Want You Back [Alive] US 7″ [1979] I Want You Back [Alive] Mercury Poisoning When record shopping recently, I came across a Graham Parker + The Rumour record with two songs on it that dated … Continue reading

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Rezillos Reviews: Out of This World + Live EP

Huzzah! About 2012, I went to the Rezillos website and saw that a new single, “Out Of This World,” had been released and was already hard to buy. The webstore was no help. I emailed Rez HQ and told them … Continue reading

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Raiding The “Ice Box” – Planning An Icehouse BSOG [part 6]

In 1987-1988, Icehouse went all Michael Jackson as the “Man Of Colours” album had an unprecedented five top forty singles peeled off of it in their native Australia. Only three of these got a release in the US, but “Crazy” rose to … Continue reading

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