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Want List: Classix Nouveaux – The Liberty Recordings 1981 – 1983 UK Box

Commenter JT opened a can of worm s yesterday with his citing of Classix Nouveaux as perhaps the quintessential New Romantic band. I remember reading about them when their eponymous album was released in America in 1981. I also recall … Continue reading

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Peter Godwin’s “Correspondence” Crosses Digital Rubicon with “Dance Emotions” To Follow On Friday

Peter Godwin: Correspondence – STR – DL [2022] Baby’s In The Mountains 4:11 The Art Of Love 4:54 Window Shopping 3:10 Soul To Soul 5:36 Young Pleasure 4:25 The Dancer 3:43 Correspondence 3:34 Over Twenty One 3:08 Soul Of Love … Continue reading

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Record Review: EBN-OZN – “AEIOU [Sometimes Y]” US 12″

By early 1983, MTV was a vector of infection for lots of “New Music” as it was being called in the media. There was a lot of synthetic, Dance Music being bandied about with bands getting a leg up on … Continue reading

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Poll: The Bowie Compilation Album To Have When You’re Having Only One [part 2]

[…continued form last post] As it turns out we were a bit hasty with last posting. I focused on some titles at the expense of others due to the time factor in writing these posts. PPM is written during my … Continue reading

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Looking Back At Music Videos [part 3]

[…continued from last post] MTV And The Second British Invasion By the third year of MTV it was the new force to be reckoned with in music. It was kingmaker to all of the bands of the Second British Invasion, … Continue reading

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Record Review: Fiction Factory – “Throw The Warped Wheel Out” DLX RM UK CD [part 1]

Fiction Factory: Throw The Warped Wheel Out DLX RM – UK – CD [2013] [Feels Like] Heaven Heart And Mind Panic The Hanging Gardens All Or Nothing Hit The Mark Ghost Of Love Tales Of Tears The First Step The … Continue reading

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Romanelli’s “Connecting Flight” Album United Technopop and…Helen Reddy?

Romanelli: Connecting Flight – US – LP [1982] Departure [Part I + II] Chain Reaction Pulse The Other Side Of Time Connecting Flight Imagination Passion [Part I, II III, IV] Back in 1982, I happened across this album at the … Continue reading

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