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Landscape Career Box “Landscape-A-Go-Go” Now Ready For Launch On July 21st

In January we teased the first notice of the upcoming Landscape ultrabox without too much to know about it, other than the general gist of it, and since then we’ve had comments on that post from band member John L. … Continue reading

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Tommy Frenzy: From Ground-Level Punk To Undignified Retirement [part 2]

[…continued from last post] We rejoin our look at the life and times of Tommy Frenzy today with the Post-Tuff darts years. We begin with his band Big Spender occupying the first few years, and then move out to the … Continue reading

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Gardening By Moonlight “Method In The Madness” Still Not On CD, But It IS A Digital Download

Good news for modern man! One of the earliest obscure but potent albums it was my pleasure to champion in the early days of PPM is once more available, and in digital format. “Method In The Madness” from Gardening By … Continue reading

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Want List: OMD’s 40th Anniversary ‘Dazzle Ships’ Gives Another Chance For The World To Catch Up

Note: We’ve interrupted the “Rage In Eden” ultrabox thread today because we still have not had the time to listen carefully to the 5.1 mix of the album in detail. Let’s hope for that after this next weekend. In the … Continue reading

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Landscape Are Preparing Comprehensive Boxed Set Of God With “Landscape-A-Go-Go”

Last week I received an email from commenter Richard Anvil who managed to strike gold in his internet travels. We share many music obsessions and the great Technopop band Landscape was among them. He ran across a current Landscape website … Continue reading

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How In The Hell Did I Ever Own: Wham! U.K. – “Fantastic?”

I’m the first to admit it: I’m hardly the hippest one in the room! I’ve made mistakes and musical gaffes that I can look back on and wonder, “what was I thinking, there?” Growing up I just soaked up US … Continue reading

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Want List: Robert Palmer BSOG of Complete Island Albums UK 9xCD

We were slow to acknowledge the many charms of Robert Palmer at first. In 1978, when he got his first US Top 40 hits on his ’78/’79 albums with “Every Kinda People” and “Bad Case Of Loving You” I thought … Continue reading

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