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Releases by groups that make up the serious bulk of my music collection. There are bands that I have been collecting for around 30 years or so.

The Road To Rezillomania [part 1]

Let it not be said that I don’t love me some Rezillos! A concert they played in Washington D.C. 15 years ago was a treasured gift of a gig. 22 Years after they ceased to exist, 80% of the original … Continue reading

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REDUX: The Mid-80s Malaise: 1983 – The Year David Bowie Became Fallible

July 22, 2013 What was it about the mid-80s that made it the harbinger of artistic disaster for so many artists that I had previously thought the world of? By 1985, there seemed to be a perfect storm of political … Continue reading

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A Different Sort Of Subscription: OMD 12″ Singles From New Album

We were all on board with “The Punishment Of Luxury” being the upcoming OMD album available via Pledge Music. Since that announcement, it’s often been in the top 10 chart at Pledge Music. I’ve heard the music video for the … Continue reading

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REDUX: A Young Person’s Guide To – DEVO Live

July 10, 2013 Devo: The Warner Bros. Music Show US Promo LP [1980] Whip It Snowball It’s Not Right Girl U Want Planet Earth S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain) Secret Agent Man Blockhead Uncontrollable Urge Mongoloid Be Stiff Gates Of Steel … Continue reading

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Record Review: Duran Duran – My Own Way

Duran Duran: My Own Way UK 7″ [1981] My Own Way [7″ version] Like An Angel I was an early convert to the church of Double Duran [R.I.P. J.J.Jackson]. My friend chasinvictoria initially sent me a tape letter in 1981 … Continue reading

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The OMD Resurgence Continues Unabated With The “Punishment Of Luxury”

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark: The Punishment Of Luxury UK CD [2017] The Punishment of Luxury Isotype One More Time Precision & Decay As We Open, So We Close What Have We Done Robot Man Art Eats Art Kiss Kiss … Continue reading

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Record Review: Bananarama – Deep Sea Skiving

Bananarama: Deep Sea Skiving UK CD [1986] Shy Boy Doctor Love What A Shambles Really Saying Something [He Was Really Sayin’ Somethin’] Cheers Then Aie-A-Mwana Young At Heart Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye Hey Young London Boy Trouble … Continue reading

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