2019 Purchases

Here are the music purchases of 2019 quantified in some detail. Check the 2019 cover grid dropdown to just see a grid of the cover images.

January 2019

No purchases

February 2019

  1. Simple Minds: New Gold Dream [81, 82, 83, 84] Super Deluxe Box – Universal Music Catalogue ‎– 4766622 – UK – 5xCD + DVD – Discogs/$49

2019 began on a delightfully spartan music buying note as I only made moves to buy one title in the first two months of the year. I was sufficiently concerned about the ability to buy the “New Gold Dream [81, 82, 83, 84]” box in the near future at the prices it was beginning to sell for. It’s creeping up well over $50 and should be three figures within a year, judging from what happened to the “Sparkle” box. It was well worth the investment.

Subtotal: $49.00

March 2019

  1. Molly Nilsson: 2020 – Dark Skies Association ‎– DSA033 – EURO – CD – merch table/$15
  2. Molly Nilsson: Follow The Light – Dark Skies Association ‎– DSA023 – EURO – CD – merch table/$15
  3. Apostille: Choose Life – Upset! The Rhythm ‎– UTR090CD – US – CD – merch table/$10
  4. Nick Lowe: Lust For Life DLX RM – Yep Roc Records ‎– YEP-2621 – US – CD – Mr. Ks/$4.99
  5. Graham Parker: Live! Alone In America – RCA ‎– 9673-2-R – US – CD – Mr. Ks/$4.99
  6. Carla Bley/Andy Sheppard/Steve Swallow: Andando El Tiempo – ECM Records ‎– ECM 2487 – US – CD – Merch/$20
  7. Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin: Awase – ECM Records ‎– ECM 2603 – US – CD – Merch/$20
  8. Sha’s Feckel: Feckel For Lovers – Ronin Rhythm Records ‎– RON 013 – SWISS – CD – Merch/$15
  9. Sirius. B: The Triumphant Return Of Black-Eyed Norman – US – CD – thrift store/$2.00
  10. Book Of Love: Hunny Hunny / Chatterbox (Pt. 2) – Sire ‎– 9 41052-2 – US – CD5 – thrift store/$2.00

Lots O’ Merch Table Love® in March. I was happy to get deeper into my Molly Nilsson collection with her latest and an oldie now pressed instead of a three figure CD-R. I still have a long way to go with her stuff, but this helps. Her opening act Apostile was so good, I had to buy his album as well! Then Big Ears Festival gave us the rare chance to buy merch from jazz concerts! A quick stop at Mr. K’s locally revealed the first Graham Parker live solo album and he was on our dance card next month. A rare Nick Lowe DLX RM from his early canon also filled in a much needed gap in the Record Cell.

Subtotal: $108.98

April 2019

  1. Mott The Hoople: All The Young Dudes DLX RM – Columbia Records – US – DL – iTunes/$9.99
  2. Mott The Hoople: Saturday Gigs – Columbia Records – US – DL – iTunes/$1.29
  3. Mott The Hoople: Foxy Foxy – Columbia Records – US – DL – iTunes/$1.29
  4. Fingerprintz: Dancing With Myself – Virgin ‎– VS 23512 – UK – 12″ green – Antique mall/$4.40
  5. Propaganda: The Nine Lives Of Dr. Mabuse (13th Life Mix) – ZTT ‎– 12 ZTAS 2 – UK – 12″ – Antique mall/$1.20
  6. David Werner: Whizz Kid – RCA Victor ‎– APL1-0350 – US – LP – Square Records/$4.00
  7. David Werner: David Werner – Epic ‎– AS 628 – USP – 12″ – Square Records/$3.00
  8. Funkadelic: One Nation Under A Groove – Warner Bros. Records ‎– WBSD 8803 – US – 12″ – Square Records/$4.00
  9. Split Enz: Beginning Of The Enz – Chrysalis ‎– CHR 1329 – CAN – LP – Square Records/$4.00
  10. Phil Manzanera: Primitive Guitars – Editions EG ‎– EEGCD 14 – US – CD – Square Records/$5.00
  11. Shuggie Otis: Inspiration Information DLX RM – Luaka Bop ‎– 72348-50473-2-9 – US – CD – Square Records/$6.00
  12. Bryan Ferry: Olympia – Astralwerks ‎– ASW 06428 – US – CD – Square Records/$1.00
  13. The Artist (Formerly Known As Prince): Chaos And Disorder – Warner Bros. Records ‎– 9 46317-2 – Square Records/$6.00
  14. Floy Joy: Into The Hot – Virgin ‎– V2319 – UK – LP – Time Traveler/$2.99
  15. The Human League: Empire State Human – Virgin ‎– VS 294 – UK – 7″ – Time Traveler/$1.99
  16. The B-52’s: Private Idaho – Warner Bros. Records ‎– WBS 49537 – US – 7″ – Time Traveler/$1.99
  17. The B-52’s: Give Me Back My Man  – Island Records ‎– WIP 6579 – UK – 7″ – Time Traveler/$7.99
  18. Scritti Politti: Perfect Way – Warner Bros. Records ‎– 7-28949 – US – 7″ – Time Traveler/$2.99
  19. Associates: Party Fears Two – Associates ‎– asc 1 – UK – 7″ – Time Traveler/$4.99
  20. Various: Miniatures One+Two – Cherry Red ‎– CDBRED361 – UK – 2xCD – Merch/$15.00
  21. The Artist (Formerly Known As Prince): The Versace Experience – Prelude 2 Gold – The Prince Estate ‎– 19075918324S1 – US – CASS – Harvest Records/$13.99
  22. Graham Parker: Cloud Symbols – 100% Records ‎– 100CD84 – UK – CD – Harvest Records/$13.99
  23. Graham Parker: Squeezing Out Sparks Solo Acoustic 40th Anniversary – Quake Records ‎– QR011 – US – CD – Merch/$15.00
  24. Yes: Drama DLX RM – Rhino Records ‎– R2 73795 – US – CD – gift
  25. Visage: Visage DLX RM – Rubellan Remasters ‎– RUBY06CD – US – CD – Rubellan Remasters webstore/$9.99
  26. Trees: Sleep Convention DLX RM – Rubellan Remasters ‎– RUBY05CD – US – CD – Rubellan Remasters webstore/$6.99
  27. Sade: Diamond Life – Portrait ‎– RK 39581 – US – CD – ?/$?

January through March’s influx felt great! I really want to pare down purchases to a much smaller level of things that really mean a lot to me. But it all went pear-shaped in April. Almost a release per day! But I maintain that everything bought was timely and compelling, even if it was more than I wanted to buy. We were on a road trip to see Mott The Hoople and “All The Young Dudes” was conspicuously absent from the Record Cell. My wife was pining for it so we relented and got the DL to play on the iPad in the car. I also wanted to hear “Saturday Gigs”  and “Foxy Foxy” from the 1975 “Greatest Hits” album because they were non-LP singles I had never heard. Good thing too, because the anthemic “Saturday Gigs” was one of the encores on the Saturday we saw them!

Then I ran into a record I badly needed in an antique mall in West Virginia. That was the finger-out-of-the-dike moment for me, and then once in Akron, it suddenly made sense to shop at Time Traveler while I was up there. That I found another good store nearby was kismet. But twelve titles at two stores isn’t that bad, right? I was seeing Graham Parker and wanted to hear his new album first, so I went to Harvest Records to order it on the day after RSD 2019, only to see the Prince “Versace Experience” tempting me like a purple and gold succubus. Before April 19, 2019, a copy of that would have cost me two months pay! And now there were 4000 more copies that were not going to last very long!

And then I ordered the new Parker CD the next pay’s “mad money” budget – a modest $20 I hold back for anything I want or stumble upon. It was a good choice because the new “Cloud Symbols” was a supremely ingratiating release that Parker played a nice chunk of live. Merch tables had other delights as well. Parker had just released a acoustic 40th anniversary “Sparks” CD that will likely be at merch tables only and when seeing Mott, I was thrilled to find both of Morgan Fischer’s “Miniatures” albums on a 2xCD from Cherry Red finally in my grasp!

Finally there were a handful of titles at the end of the month, tumbling in. A guy on the “general” forum on Discogs was giving away three Yes CDs he had dupes of. One of these was “Drama,” the album with The Buggles instead of Rick Wakeman/Jon Anderson in the lineup that I have much time for. Was it the DLX RM with a ton of unreleased material? Yes! The guy sent it to me gratis! I looked at his want list [as long as mine with 1000+ titles] but it was full of Prog. I can dabble but anything I have in the Record Cell after the Great Prog Purge of 1978, I’m not inclined to give up. He’s not getting my Crimson; just saying. I’m grateful, but…

Several pages into his want list I saw the perfect way to return karma: he wanted a copy of the Stick Men “Kollected” free promo sampler that they were handing out at the King Crimson merch tables on tour. I somehow ended up with two copies in my merch feeding frenzy in 2017, and this was just waiting to be sent back to that gent! Wow! Sometimes the universe is perfect.

Then I saw last week on the New Wave Outpost Forum that Rubellan Remasters was having a 25% off sale last weekend. Scott Davies is a guy like me who started with CD-Rs of rarities but has now taken the painful step of becoming a real micro label. His standards are very high and he has released what seems to be the best ever copy of the Visage debut. And he had less than 50 left in his stock. He paid for the right to make x-many CDs of that title and the rest had been distributed in the last eight months. If I wanted this [and I did] I should act immediately. Plus, he also had the CD by Trees which I had wanted since 1982 and a glowing Trouser Press review but had never seen on LP until last summer crate digging in Los Angeles during RonKonII. By then I knew he was releasing it on the preferred format along with the unreleased second Trees album. I had to get those! Besides, they were just $21.49 including shipping and I had them in hand within 56 hours! No jury would convict me!!

Finally, after decades of antipathy, my wife bought a copy of Sade’s “Diamond Life” to hear on a recent road trip where the preponderance of ambient CDs she pulled to listen to posed a practical problem. I guess it’s finally time to listen to this and see if my feelings on Sade may have changed in 35 years. She’s always been the sort of artist I should have loved, especially in 1985 when I was leaning heavily into the NWOBJP.

Subtotal: $146.08

May 2019

  1. Roy Orbison: Mystery Girl DLX RM –  Legacy ‎– 88697607032 – US – CD+DVD – rummage sale/$1.50
  2. RAM: August 1791 – Willibelle Publishing & Sales – US – CD – merch table/$20
  3. Slow Children: Cottoncloud9 – SC3 – US – CD-R – gift
  4. Stephen Duffy: I Love My Friends DLX RM – Needle Mythology ‎– NEMYCD001 – UK – 2xCD – superdeluxeedition.com/$17.41

A nice quite month with a little merch outlay and a DLX RM or two. RAM were a great Haitian band my wife saw in the local freekly and investigated so we quickly penciled in that show which saw me discovering new ways to dance to the amazing polyrhythms they were putting down with four drummers and two percussionists. Stephen Duffy released a new version of “I Love My Friends” and not only was it easy to afford, I had sold some things in my Discogs store so I could pre-order it with impunity! Finally, Pal Shazar had run across a Slow Children review here and kindly offered me a copy of their [great] new CD of 2016. Yes. ma’am! Once I get the first two albums digitized it may be time for that Slow Children Rock G.P.A.®!

Subtotal: $38.91

June 2019


  1. Prince: Originals DLX – Warner Bros. Records ‎– R2 591460 – US – CD – Target/$13.99
  2. Ken Lockie: Dance House – Virgin – VS 408 – UK – 7″ – Harvest/$6.00
  3. Barry Andrews: Contaminated Pop – UK – DL – Promo
  4. Julian Cope: Fried DLX RM – Fontana ‎– 532 370-2 – UK – CD – Mr. K’s/$2.00
  5. The Creatures: Hai! DLX ED – Sioux Records ‎– SIOUXDCD15 – UK – 2xCD – Mr. K’s/$4.99

A modest month of fun. It was enjoyable being in a Target the weekend that I knew that Price’s “Originals” was just released in a Target DLX ED with a bonus track. I was hot to get this and it paid back some real dividends even as the notion of a song Prince wrote for Kenny Rogers [!?] managed to be a very effective… Kenny Rogers song. I loved the “Dirty Mind” period referenced by the cover. The “page curl” effect on the cover… much less so. An obscure Ken Lockie 7″ was a must-buy in my local emporium. As was a Julian Cope solo album [my first after owning his singles for years] in a different local emporium. And I jumped right on that 2xCD of the only Creatures studio album I didn’t have. And I got serviced with a promo of the upcoming Barry Andrews solo album, which we are in the midst of reviewing right now.

Half Year Subtotals: 47 releases | $369.92 | average cost – $7.87/title

I like that the numbers are down for this year as I have wanted to curtail my music purchases. Total cost is in the middle, looking at my numbers over the year of this blog, but the overall numbers are low. It feels good not buying so much music, but the average cost was still pretty high.I put that down to the merch table origins of much of this music, but best Karma happens there and I’m happy to do it! And the Simple Minds box was a bit pricey [but so worth it!].

July 2019

  1. The Human League: Credo – Wall Of Sound ‎– WOS085CD – UK – CD – Harvest Records/$3.00
  2. House Of Waters: Rising – GroundUp Music – NO CAT. # – US – CD – Merch table/$10.00
  3. Ken Nordine: Colors: A Sensuous Listening Experience – Asphodel ‎– ASPHODEL 0954 – US – CD – Habitat Store AVL/$3.00

more to come