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Song Of The Day: David Bowie – “This Is Not America”


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Want List: Sparks Release DLX RMs Of Their Dazzling 21st Century Canon

We just got the email from the Sparks mailing list today with the great news that the first three of Sparks 21st Century reissue program has begun today with the first three of the seven titles out today with well … Continue reading

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Billy MacKenzie Fandom In The Aftermath: It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst of Times [part 5]

Part 5: Death As A Career Move… The next seven or eight years following Billy’s death saw all manner of his recordings get a release from various labels and concerns. While MacKenzie was gone and would no longer create music … Continue reading

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Rock G.P.A.: The Blow Monkeys [part 21]

[…continued from last post] As the 90s dawned and all of the Classic Rock was out on CD format, the market expanded to allow the first stirrings of 80s nostalgia, and the budget compilation market exploded by the decade’s mid … Continue reading

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Second Childhood: David Bowie’s “Toy:Box” Is Arriving For His 75th Birthday

Bowiephiles were abuzz last Friday when the news of his fifth all-encompassing ultrabox covering the years 1992-2001 of his career dropped after years of speculation. These massive boxes were an annual event from 2015-2018, but went on hold for three … Continue reading

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“Record” Review: Propaganda – Duel Y2K Mix DL

Twenty years ago the early web was buzzing with the news that the real Propaganda were back together and recording a new album. We could put the false Propaganda who had made the dull, lifeless “1234” album in 1990 on … Continue reading

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“Vienna” Gets Ultrabox After 40 Years As Synth Rock Touchstone [part 2]

[…continued from last post] Let’s continue our examination by delving into disc one of the set; the 2020 remastering of “Vienna” from the original Conny Plank 2-track mixdown. We have already discussed what we think of the music. It’s a … Continue reading

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