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Want List: Red Noise Boxed Set Posits The Unimaginable Overstimulation Of “Sound On Sound” In Surround Sound

Gloryoski! When It rains, it pours! So many new releases to desire …and so little money to buy them. Here we are in the midst of re-flooring our modest home, and far more work than that as there are many … Continue reading

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Record Review: Yukihiro Takahashi – “Wild + Moody” FR CD

Yukihiro Takahashi: Wild + Moody – FR – CD [1996] Wild + Moody Stranger Things Have Happened Kill That Thermostat Helpless The Price to pay Bounds Of Reason + Love Walking To The Beat Recently, we were discussing Masami Tsuchiya’s … Continue reading

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Record Review: Masami Tsuchiya – “Rice Music” UK LP

Masami Tsuchiya: Rice Music – UK – LP [1982] Rice Music Se! Se! Se! Haina-Haila Tao-Tao Neo-Rice Music Kafka Rice Dog Jam Secret Party Silent Object Night In The Park It was while investigating the Arcadia album last week that … Continue reading

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Want List: Bill Nelson – Transcorder – The Acquitted By Mirrors Recordings UK 2xCD

Bill Nelson: Transcorder – UK – 2xD [2020] DISC 1 ​Sleepcycle (from Cocteau Club EP#1, 1982)​ Konny Buys A Kodak (from Cocteau Club EP#1, 1982)​ When The Birds Return (from Cocteau Club EP#1, 1982)​ The Beat That Can’t Go Wrong … Continue reading

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Record Review: Bill Nelson’s Red Noise – Sound On Sound US CD

Bill Nelson’s Red Noise: Sound On Sound US CD [1989] Don’t Touch Me [I’m Electric] For Young Moderrns Stop/Go/Stop Furniture Music Radar In My Heart Stay Young Out Of Touch A Better Home In The Phantom Zone Substitute Flesh The … Continue reading

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Record Review: Cabaret Voltaire – Here To Go UK CD5

Cabaret Voltaire: Here To Go UK CD5 [1987] Here To Go [Extended Mix] Here To Go [Space Dub] Here To Go [Single Mix] It was an exciting time back in 1987. Sure, sure. The Mid-80s Malaise® was at full gallop, … Continue reading

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Record Review: Last Man In Europe ‎– … A Certain Bridge

Last Man In Europe: …A Certain Bridge UK 7″ [1981] A Certain Bridge T.V. Addict Complications This was a band that I first heard of in the advertising flyer included with the Bill Nelson boxed set of 7″ singles, “Permanent … Continue reading

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