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Tom Verlaine: 1949-2023

There was another sad loss yesterday with the news that the great Tom Verlaine had died. I was late to the game with Verlaine. He was a reputation it took me a few years to finally hear. I knew Television … Continue reading

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Yukihiro Takahashi: 1952-2023

We were blindsided by more sad news on Friday night. Yukihiro Takahashi, the drummer and vocalist of Yellow Magic Orchestra dies at the age of 70, after a two years of dealing with brain cancer. I was aghast to note … Continue reading

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Alan Rankine: 1958-2023

It’s the first post of a new year and I had everything all worked out. A review I had been thinking of for months that kept getting bumped for this, that, and the other thing. Then I got word that … Continue reading

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Terry Hall: 1959-2022

Yesterday I got home from work and was starting to get ready for dinner when I saw an email from commenter schwenko that simply said “Terry Hall, GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” That certainly hit out of the blue. I had not heard of … Continue reading

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Jet Black: 1938-2022

Sad news today as the second of the crucial Punk/Post-Punk band The Stranglers has met his end on December 6th. Jet Black [née Brian Duffy] had been the founding drummer whose savvy and jazz-forged talent had been the bedrock on … Continue reading

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Keith Levene: 1957-2022

Saturday, I received the word from my friend and frequent commenter chasinvictoria that Keith Levene had died from liver cancer. When I think of the three guitarists from the Post-Punk era who helped to define the new concepts that would … Continue reading

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Robert Gordon: 1947-2022

I first got wind of Robert Gordon when reading about the New Wave scene in the late 70s. He was probably the first singer in New York City who rose up out of Punk Rock to be diving back into … Continue reading

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