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…And Ye Shall Know Them By Their MULLETS II: Electric Boogaloo!!

It’s hard to believe that it was at the dawn of this blog that I first wrote about the tonsorial terror of the Mid-80s Malaise®…The Mullet! At the time, I laid the blame at the feet of David Bowie [r.i.p.] … Continue reading

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Record Review: Ronny – If You Want Me To Stay UK 12″

Ronny: If You Want Me To Stay – UK – 12″ [1981] If You Want Me To Stay [dance mix] If You Want Me To Stay [instrumental] I recall reading about Parisian model Ronny and her alliance with the Blitz … Continue reading

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Record Review: Strasse – A Stairway To You UK 12″ Late Model New-Ro From Sweden

Strasse: A Stairway To You – UK – 12″ [1983] A Stairway To You [ext. ver.] 5:15 The Markethall [version] 3:55 Earlier this summer I posited the notion that a roundup of the many singles that Midge Ure produced for … Continue reading

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REDUX: Record Review: Stephen Emmer – International Blue

June 2, 2015 L-R: Neil Crossley, Midge Ure, Glenn Gregory, Stephen Emmer, Liam MacKahey I had written almost a year ago about this project, and in late December, after a few sales from the Record Cell, I was able to … Continue reading

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Midge Ure Celebrates Over 40 Years Of Music With His Most Expansive Compilation Yet

Last Friday, I got separate comments from both negative1ne and Mr. Ware regarding the upcoming Midge Ure compilation due in early September. So I thank my commenters for keeping me on my toes. Because I don’t get out of the … Continue reading

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REVO Remastering: Chris Cross | Maxwell Langdown | Midge Ure – The Bloodied Sword [REVO 091]

Chris Cross | Maxwell Langdown | Midge Ure: The Bloodied Sword US CD-R [2019] The Sword’s Theme Sword Speaks Gun Propaganda Machine Seer The Haunting Warnings Confrontation Mercy Alliance Oceania’s Theme One With Man Damnation Threats Propaganda The Jester’s Theme … Continue reading

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REVO Remastering: A Young Person’s Guide To Ultravox

Ultravox: A Young Person’s Guide To Ultravox 2xCD-R [2018] Disc 1 [Foxx] Satday Night In The City of The Dead Slipaway Wide Boys My Sex Young Savage ROckwrok Fear In The Western World Distant Smile The Man Who Dies Every … Continue reading

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