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Record Review: ABC – Look Good Tonite

ABC: Look Good Tonite UK DL [2020] Look Good Tonite It started out not unlike the opening to OMD’s “Pandora’s Pox” with dinky, post-rave “synths” and a similar chord sequence. Then the chord sequence was repeated with some orchestral bombast … Continue reading

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Join Us Tomorrow For Martin Fry-day And The New ABC Single Flashsale

So Tim told us that ABC had a new single ready to drop for 24 hours today and it’s on sale NOW [for the last 8 or so hours…] at the band’s store in Townsend Music. $1.99 American if you’ve … Continue reading

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Book Review: David Richards – ABC The Annotated Discography

David Richards: ABC – The Annotated Discography In a world without the gatekeepers we grew up with, we have few limitations. Anyone, with the determination [and modest funding], can carve out a niche in which to build their own personal, … Continue reading

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30 Days: 30 Albums | ABC – The Lexicon of Love II

Phew! In spite of wanting this since the release was teased in… 2016, it’s taken me over two years to finally obtain the new ABC CD. This was strictly down to the inability of the band’s website to sell me … Continue reading

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“Record” Review: ABC – Christmas With Love EP

ABC: Christmas With Love DL EP [2016] A Christmas We Deserve The Love Inside The Love [acoustic] Viva Love [acoustic] The Look Of Love [acoustic] T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house… echoed a special new xmas … Continue reading

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ABC Play The Sequel Game with “Lexicon Of Love II” Due Next Month

Several weeks ago the news hit the web like wildfire. In case you have been trapped in suspended animation by some nefarious supervillain, ABC have a new album due out on May 27th, and it’s their first one since 2008’s excellent “Traffic.” … Continue reading

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Monk Agog: Vice Versa Box Set Of God®… Made By Other Hands!

Over two and a half years ago, I happened to have a friend send me the über rare first two releases by the Sheffield band Vice Versa, who later became ABC after a suitable period of metamorphosis. I thought that I … Continue reading

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