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The grit and details of my hobby of digitally remastering from vinyl are discussed here.

REVO Remastering: Ultravox! – Live At the Rainbow 1977 + [REVO 105]

The appearance of the Ultravox! [exclamation point, please!] “Live At The Rainbow 1977” album as an Island/UMG release in 2022, of all years, was a least expected event for certain. Sure, there were reissues every 7-10 years of the first … Continue reading

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Investigating Modern Eon In The Modern World

One of the highlights in moving the entire contents of my Record Cell in the last six weeks, was that I got the chance to touch so much of my collection that might be inaccessible due to placement issues. I … Continue reading

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Want List: Building That Pete Shelley Rarities Disc

I’ve been steadily building up the Pete Shelley collection for 41 years now! Even before his death in 2018, I was hoping that I’d soon have the pieces to compile a REVO collection of his rarities. I think I’m about … Continue reading

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REVO Remastering: Slow Children – Mad About Town [REVO 096]

Slow Children: Mad About Town + – US – CD-R [2020] One More Trauma Late Night Transatlantic Unplugging The Vacuum Vanessa Vacillating Suspense President Am I (Extended Version) Respective Sides Skill Of A Caveman Missing Missiles East Berlin By Rail … Continue reading

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Roxy Music: The Missing Piece of Their Canon – “The High Road”

Roxy Music: The High Road – US – EP [1983] Can’t Let Go [live @ Glasgow Apollo] 5:29 My Only Love [live @ Glasgow Apollo] 7:23 Like A Hurricane [live @ Glasgow Apollo] 7:36 Jealous Guy [live @ Glasgow Apollo] … Continue reading

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REVO Remastering: Slow Children – Slow Children [REVO 095]

Slow Children: Slow Children DLX RM – US – CD-R [2020] I Got A Good Mind Talk About Horses Malicious She’s Like America President Am I Too Weak To Eat Home Life Staring At The Ceiling Ticket To France Stuck … Continue reading

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REVO Remastering: David Werner – David Werner [REVO 094]

David Werner: David Werner + – US – CD-R [2020] Can’t Imagine What’s Right What Do You Need To Love Melanie Cries Eye To Eye Hold On Tight Every New Romance Too Late To Try High Class Blues She Sent … Continue reading

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