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Steel Cage Match: “Peek-A Boo” Battle

I was over at MyVinylDreams yesterday, and djjedready had posted a Siouxsie + The Banshees 12″ of “Peek-A-Boo” that I wanted to comment on and then it struck me: DEVO had a single with the same title! You don’t suppose…? … Continue reading

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An Interview With Gleaming Spires’ David Kendrick [part 2]

Today we finish up with the interview with Gleaming Spires’ David Kendrick. Touching on the late history of that band as well as the group’s concurrent existence as Sparks live and studio band for the first half of the 80s. … Continue reading

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An Interview With Gleaming Spires’ David Kendrick [part 1]

When I was contracted last month by the PR agent promoting Omnivore’s CD reissue program for the works of Gleaming Spires, it was like having my wish granted by a genie. When they offered an interview with Spire David Kendrick, … Continue reading

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DEVO Recombine For Twin 2021 Shows With More Shirts, Discs In Pipeline

When it rains, it pours DEVO in these days of Maximum De-Evolution®! If the 21st century had not made abundantly clear enough, we’ve already peaked. Decades ago, really, and it’s just the big entropic wave approaching us at 120 m.p.h. … Continue reading

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A Second Chance For DEVO Leisure Garb Now Happening

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this after getting burnt like many a spud on the highly desirable DEVO “Leisure Wear” cotton short that w spoke of when the first notice was sent a few weeks ago. We … Continue reading

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DEVO Reissues Amazing Garment That Sold Out In Record Time

We had some other vintage music review planned for today, and that can wait. I just got an email this morning from the DEVO mailing list and – boy howdy – the band have decided to reissue their infamous leisure … Continue reading

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SPUD ALERT! DEVO Farewell Tour Seems To Be Starting At Desert Daze 2019

A few days ago I received one of the intermittent emails I get from the DEVO mailing list every now and then. It touted DEVO‘s only appearance this year at an upcoming festival called Desert Daze happening in Southern California. Curious, … Continue reading

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