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Scooped! When Personal CD Projects Get Superseded By Real Labels [part 4]

[…continued from last past] So the brief here was to discuss CDs I have made through great effort for my simulated label, that eventually actually get made by real labels. This was a weird phenomenon where there are no easy … Continue reading

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Book Review: David Byrne – How Music Works

Over two years ago, my friend JT commented in a thread asking if I had read Byrne’s book “How Music Works.” Deeming it “fairly stunning.” I replied no, but was at least aware of it.  I had a friend having … Continue reading

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30 Days: 30 Albums | Zaine Griff – Figvres

I first heard of Zaine Griff when his debut solo album [he had a long prior history in NZ/UK glam bands going back to the early 70s] “Ashes + Diamonds” in 1980. As Tony Visconti produced and a review I … Continue reading

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The Road To Rezillomania [part 2]

[…continued from post before previous] So where were we before we had to shoehorn that review of the superb David J concert in there? Oh yes, It was 2002, I made a CD-R of 13 Rezillos rarities from 7″ vinyl. … Continue reading

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Rezillos Reviews: Out of This World + Live EP

Huzzah! About 2012, I went to the Rezillos website and saw that a new single, “Out Of This World,” had been released and was already hard to buy. The webstore was no help. I emailed Rez HQ and told them … Continue reading

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Roxy Music POMO Week [Revisited]: Day Six – Disco

Over a year ago, we delved fearlessly into the strange and eerie world of Roxy Music post-modern remixes; those mixes done decades/generations later than when the discs were current. This can be a highly variable path to tread, but we’re … Continue reading

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Record Review: Iggy Pop – Aprés

Iggy Pop: Aprés FRENCH CD [2012] Et Si Tu N’Existais Pas Le Javanaise Everybody’s Talkin’ I’m Going Away Smiling La Vie En Rose Les Pasantes Syracuse What Is This Thing Called Love? Michelle Only The Lonely I can’t quite remember … Continue reading

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