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REDUX: Corn-Fed New Wave: System 56 – Metro Metro

April 1, 2014 System 56: Metro-Metro US 7: [1982] Metro-Metro In The Old World In a word… Wow!  Wow!!! My friend JT hipped me to this incredible Cleveland band that was active for only a few years from 1982-1984 and … Continue reading

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REDUX: …But What About The Fixx?

February 3, 2014 Today at the gym I heard a new song finally enter into the satellite radio 80s CHR playlist; usually a welcome happening. The track was “Saved By Zero” and it got me thinking about The Fixx. That … Continue reading

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Record Review: Hot Gossip – Soul Warfare

Hot Gossip: Soul Warfare UK 12″ [1982] Soul Warfare Soul Warfare [instrumental] Back in April, I wrote about the excellent 12″ that The British Electric Foundation produced for the dance troupe Hot Gossip. It was a cover of the early … Continue reading

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REDUX: A Thousand Number One Albums In The UK

November 25, 2013 Today on the BBC was a feature examining the thousand albums that have topped the British charts since their point of origin in July 1956. I wondered how many of those best sellers would fall  under the … Continue reading

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Record Review: Bauhaus – The Sky’s Gone Out [part 2]

[…continued from this post] “In The Night” began with a yelp and a plodding, water-torture beat from Haskins drums. But that didn’t last for long. By the song’s midpoint the song got a violent transfusion of energy as it jolted … Continue reading

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Record Review: Bauhaus – The Sky’s Gone Out [part 1]

Bauhaus: The Sky’s Gone Out US LP [1982] Third Uncle Silent Hedges In The Night Swing The Heartache Spirit The Three Shadows [part I] The Three Shadows [part II] The Three Shadows [part III] All We Ever Wanted Was Everything … Continue reading

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Seven CDs Of China Crisis For All

Gloryoski! It’s taken the patience of a saint, but next month Caroline International are gifting us with DLX RMs of the sacred first three China Crisis albums. I had given up hope on this notion many years ago. So much … Continue reading

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