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Record Review: Yello – Desire

YELLO: Desire UK 12″ [1985] Desire [Extended Version] Oh Yeah (Indian Summer) ‘The Stella Suite Pt 2’ [Extended Version] Collecting Yello meant that I would end up with a lot of releases from mostly three countries since their market was … Continue reading

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Record Review: Dalek i Love You [part 2]

[continued from previous post…] Yesterday we cast an ear towards the original 1983 album. Today, we examine the singles with the bonus tracks that made it onto this DLX RM. Dalek i Love You: Holiday In Disneyland UK 12″ [1982] … Continue reading

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A Different Sort Of Subscription: OMD 12″ Singles From New Album

We were all on board with “The Punishment Of Luxury” being the upcoming OMD album available via Pledge Music. Since that announcement, it’s often been in the top 10 chart at Pledge Music. I’ve heard the music video for the … Continue reading

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Record Review: Malcolm McLaren – Carmen

Malcolm McLaren: Carmen UK 12′ [1984] Carmen [L’Oiseau Rebelle] Death Of Butterfly[Tu Tu Piccolo] Carmen [L’Oiseau Rebelle] [Instrumental Remix] I’ll admit to being an admirer of Malcolm McLaren, though it took me quite a while to come to that conclusion. … Continue reading

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Heaven 17 Offer Fans A Lifeline With New Single/Album-In-Progress

Heaven 17: Captured/Unseen UK 12″ [2016] Captured [2016 mix] 3:58 Unseen [2016 mix] 4:35 Four months ago, H17 let their new single for 2016 drop and I was gearing up for Midge Ure in Atlanta. It was only last week that I … Continue reading

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Record Review: Positive Noise – Positive Negative

Positive Noise: Positive/Negative UK 12″ [1981] Positive/Negative [ext. remix] Positive/Negative [instrumental] Energy This was a record I’d wanted ever since 1982. That year, I’d purchased what for decades was my only Positive Noise record, “Change of Heart.” When I played that … Continue reading

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Collecting Simple Minds In The 21st Century

I am a Simple Minds collector [within reason]. One thing that has stuck in my craw was that in the new millennium, it suddenly became very challenging to buy all of the tracks/mixes of this band due to their many, … Continue reading

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