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Those First Impressions: Yello – “I.T. Splash” Yellow Vinyl 12″ Reissue

I’ve loved Yello since that fateful night in 1980 when I heard their debut Ralph Records single on WUSF-FM. They were a college radio station with a Friday night New Wave show that I could barely receive on my stereo, … Continue reading

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Want List: Building That Pete Shelley Rarities Disc

I’ve been steadily building up the Pete Shelley collection for 41 years now! Even before his death in 2018, I was hoping that I’d soon have the pieces to compile a REVO collection of his rarities. I think I’m about … Continue reading

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Record Review: EBN-OZN – “AEIOU [Sometimes Y]” US 12″

By early 1983, MTV was a vector of infection for lots of “New Music” as it was being called in the media. There was a lot of synthetic, Dance Music being bandied about with bands getting a leg up on … Continue reading

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Romanelli’s “Connecting Flight” Album United Technopop and…Helen Reddy?

Romanelli: Connecting Flight – US – LP [1982] Departure [Part I + II] Chain Reaction Pulse The Other Side Of Time Connecting Flight Imagination Passion [Part I, II III, IV] Back in 1982, I happened across this album at the … Continue reading

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The Antipodeans Talk Icehouse, Oz Synth Rock Roots, And The Art Of The Mix

When The Antipodeans contacted me after my first post on their debut single, talk quickly went to a possible interview and I’m always looking to improve the scope of PPM and conducting interviews is a direction I’m moving in lately. … Continue reading

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It’s Almost 20 Years Later – Time For An Icehouse Remix

I’d heard a bit recently on the Steve Hoffman Forum’s Icehouse thread about the new 12″ single by The Antipodeans VS Icehouse where the Oz synthwave duo of Mark Vick and Danny Muller reworked the 1982 Icehouse classic, “Hey Little … Continue reading

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Record Review: Cabaret Voltaire – “Here To Go [Live Drum Jacknife Remix]” UK 12″

As we have been deep diving into the canon of Cabaret Voltaire in the wake of Richard Kirk’s surprising death last week, one record still on the racks in the Record Cell stands out to me for its relative scarcity … Continue reading

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