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Neil Peart: 1952-2020

I got blindsided Friday night with the news that Rush’s drummer/lyricist Neil Peart had died after over three years of undergoing brain cancer treatment. This was a sad thing to hear. Particularly since I had been listening more to my … Continue reading

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Want List: Vintage 1994 Shriekback Live, Hot On The Heels Of “Some Kind Of Light”

Shriekback: Live At the Orange ’94 – UK – CD [2020] The Preparation Over the Wire Unsong Captain Cook Hostage Dingle Dai Faded Flowers Berlin Invisible Rays Seething Pretty Little Things The Consummation Saints preserve us… so yesterday it was … Continue reading

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Want List: Another Gary Daly Album In Pipeline For 2020

Gary Daly: Luna Landings UK CD [2020] Odysseas Celestial Body Jody You’re On Dope, So Just Shut The F**K Up Technics Arpeggio Luna Bop Dummkopf And When Did You Give Up . . . And Why? Yellow Magic JP8 JP8 … Continue reading

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Want List: John Foxx – Concrete + Organized Noise UK LP

John Foxx: Concrete + Organized Noise UK LP [2020] Side 1 A Frozen Moment He’s A Liquid (Instrumental Dub) Mr. No (Alternative Version) The Uranium Committee A Man Alone Over Tokyo Terminal Zone Burning Car (Early Version) Side 2 A … Continue reading

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Want List: Associates – Perhaps UK 2xCD DLX RM

Associates: Perhaps DLX RM – UK – 2xCD [2020] Disc 1: Perhaps + Bonus Tracks Those First Impressions Waiting For The Loveboat Perhaps Schampout Helicopter Helicopter Breakfast Thirteen Feelings The Stranger In Your Voice The Best Of You Don’t Give … Continue reading

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Core Collection Twofer: OMD and Simple Minds To Tour OZ + NZ in 2020

Yesterday, I was poking around simpleminds.com to [finally] purchase the 4xCD version of “Live In The City of Angels” when I saw good news on the home page. Simple Minds were once again teaming up with OMD for a tour … Continue reading

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SPUD ALERT! DEVO Farewell Tour Seems To Be Starting At Desert Daze 2019

A few days ago I received one of the intermittent emails I get from the DEVO mailing list every now and then. It touted DEVO‘s only appearance this year at an upcoming festival called Desert Daze happening in Southern California. Curious, … Continue reading

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