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The Next Group Of Oingo Boingo Deluxe Remasters Is Nearing Takeoff

Last summer ace reissue label Rubellan Remasters graced us with four Oingo Boingo remastered CDs [“Only A Lad,” “Nothing To Fear,” “Good For Your Soul,” “Dead Man’s Paarty”] and since then, the So-cal New Wave band has been blowing the … Continue reading

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“Hired History +” Captured The Early Paradox Of Fiat Lux [part 2]

[…continued from last post] The debut single as released on Bill Nelson’s Cocteau Records label was always a winner! The crisp 808 “drumming” with impressive long reverb on selected beats. The pulse gated synth lines stitching the melody through the … Continue reading

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“Hired History +” Captured The Early Paradox Of Fiat Lux [part 1]

I had written about this one when it was released on Cherry Red in 2019 but it remained until last month when I got a copy; owing to my good friend Mr. Ware acting on my recent birthday. So after … Continue reading

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When The Universe Is Demanding You Listen To A Record: Illustrated Man EP/CD

THE BACKGROUND It was some time earlier this year when there was a discussion on the Trouser Press Forum that I frequent regarding Rob Dean, the original guitarist for JAPAN. Talk turned to Illustrated Man; the New Wave “supergroup” that … Continue reading

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Poll: The Bowie Compilation Album To Have When You’re Having Only One [part 1]

I was looking at the latest feed on Discogs and noticed a Bowie compilation that was new to me this morning. “Chameleon” was an Australian/New Zealand compilation new to me, and with a very dated line in airbrush art using … Continue reading

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Looking Back At Music Videos [part 3]

[…continued from last post] MTV And The Second British Invasion By the third year of MTV it was the new force to be reckoned with in music. It was kingmaker to all of the bands of the Second British Invasion, … Continue reading

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Record Review: Fiction Factory – “Throw The Warped Wheel Out” DLX RM UK CD [part 2]

[continued from last post] “Tales of Tears” had a crystalline synth hook and completely unique phrasing from vocalist Patterson. When reading his liner notes on the disc, he revealed that looking back after 30 years, he could cite Mari Wilson … Continue reading

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