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Collecting Bands I’ve Not Yet Heard – Crazy Or Not?

Three years ago I ended up going down a certain path due to a record my friend Ron Kane had given me. I was visiting his Casa De Los Discos® for the first time after knowing him for 29 years … Continue reading

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Record Review: Malcolm McLaren – Carmen

Malcolm McLaren: Carmen UK 12′ [1984] Carmen [L’Oiseau Rebelle] Death Of Butterfly[Tu Tu Piccolo] Carmen [L’Oiseau Rebelle] [Instrumental Remix] I’ll admit to being an admirer of Malcolm McLaren, though it took me quite a while to come to that conclusion. … Continue reading

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It’s Pearl Harbour Day

Since it’s December 7th, thoughts turn to Pearl Harbour. No…not that one! The femme rockabilly artist who started her career in New Wave before finding her true voice a year later. I first heard Pearl Harbor + The Explosions in 1979 … Continue reading

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Raiding The “Ice Box” – Planning An Icehouse BSOG [part 3]

1983 brought a new Icehouse album made with the same band that had toured the previous album, which had been made without them, deep in Keith Forsey’s laboratory. After an album of glossy, synthesizer atmospherics, this one took a half … Continue reading

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My Tale Of Turntablism

Right now is a rare time in the Record Cell in that there are recent vinyl acquisitions that I’m definitely not listening to. For a very practical reason. My Pioneer turntable is in… the shop!! Moreover, it’s been in the … Continue reading

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Record Review: Dubset – Flesh Beat Fever US12″

Dubset: Flesh Beat Fever US 12″ [1984] Flesh Beat Fever [LP ver.] Onyeocha Onyegee [White Man – Black Man] [LP ver.] All Night Flesh Beat Rhythms [Ext. ver. by John Luongo] Wowser! Talk about a long time coming, but back in the dawning … Continue reading

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It’s Immaterial Prehistory In Need Of Compiling…Can It Be Done?

Yesterday we looked at the much-needed compilation of the first album period on Circa/Virgin by It’s Immaterial, but by that time, the band had a four year history that had gone all over the indie label map. Of course, the … Continue reading

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