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Rock G.P.A.: The Blow Monkeys [part 4]

[…continued from last post] Acoustic guitars and strings fueled “Professor Supercool’s” rent boy melodrama. For a guy who was married at the time, there was a lot of queer energy running through the early Blow Monkeys material. Robert Howard attributes … Continue reading

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Rock G.P.A.: The Blow Monkeys [part 3]

The Blow Monkeys Limping For A Generation 1984 3.5 The first Blow Monkeys album arrived over two years following that debut indie single. Changes had occurred in the band with original drummer Angus Hines being replaced with Tony Kiley by … Continue reading

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Want List: The Complete Fontana Mix CD Project

It was some time in 1989 when my friend Ron Kane sent me a Japanese CD he ran across in one of his L.A. stores he bought from called “Single Compact.” Ron knew I was a fan of Mari Wilson, … Continue reading

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A Young Person’s Guide To: Roxy Music – Manifesto

It was 1982 and I had already owned “Flesh + Blood” since its release. The was my first Roxy Music album. In the summer of 1982, I bought “Avalon” and the next obvious step was buying “Manifesto,” the first of … Continue reading

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Record Review: Yukihiro Takahashi – “Wild + Moody” FR CD

Yukihiro Takahashi: Wild + Moody – FR – CD [1996] Wild + Moody Stranger Things Have Happened Kill That Thermostat Helpless The Price to pay Bounds Of Reason + Love Walking To The Beat Recently, we were discussing Masami Tsuchiya’s … Continue reading

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Record Review: The Vels – “Private World” US 12″

The Vels: Private World – US – 12″ [1984] Private World 4:36 Private World [Dub] 4:36 Hieroglyphics 6:06 Hieroglyphics [Dub] 6:06 Well, I had written about collecting The Vels while never having heard the band…just on the principle of it, … Continue reading

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“Checkered Past” Was A Tidy Look At The 2-Tone Label [part 2]

[…continued from last post] By the time that 2-Tone moved forward into 1980, the label’s acts began to sprawl from the focused retro Ska style into exotic new syntheses that found less favor on the British charts. The radical sophomore … Continue reading

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