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Record Review: Sparks – No. 1 In Heaven DLX RM [part 2]

[…continued from previous post] “Tryouts For The Human Race” began like bubbles of Syndrums® rising up from the blue depths, faster and faster as the approaching and relentless sequencers announced that yes, Giorgio Moroder was indeed in the room. What … Continue reading

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Record Review: Sparks – No. 1 In Heaven DLX RM [part 1]

Sparks: No. 1 In Heaven DLX RM EURO CD [2013] Tryouts For The Human Race – 6:06 Academy Award Performance – 4:59 La Dolce Vita – 5:52 Beat The Clock – 4:22 My Other Voice – 4:53 The Number One … Continue reading

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REDUX: A Thousand Number One Albums In The UK

November 25, 2013 Today on the BBC was a feature examining the thousand albums that have topped the British charts since their point of origin in July 1956. I wondered how many of those best sellers would fall  under the … Continue reading

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Song Of The Day: David Werner – What’s Right

In 1979 I was still listening to FM Rock. I had started the previous year and while the preponderance of nascent Classic Rock [just as it was fully calcified and ready to spread like a virus across the FM airwaves] … Continue reading

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The Road To Rezillomania [part 2]

[…continued from post before previous] So where were we before we had to shoehorn that review of the superb David J concert in there? Oh yes, It was 2002, I made a CD-R of 13 Rezillos rarities from 7″ vinyl. … Continue reading

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The Road To Rezillomania [part 1]

Let it not be said that I don’t love me some Rezillos! A concert they played in Washington D.C. 15 years ago was a treasured gift of a gig. 22 Years after they ceased to exist, 80% of the original … Continue reading

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Record Review: Ramones – It’s Alive

Ramones: It’s Alive US CD [1995] Rockaway Beach Teenage Lobotomy Blitzkrieg Bop I Wanna Be Well Glad To See You Go Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment You’re Gonna Kill That Girl I Don’t Care Sheena Is A Punk Rocker Havana Affair … Continue reading

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