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New Wave Blind Spots: Squeeze

There’s almost 2500 posts at PPM and this is the first one on Squeeze. There’s a reason for that. In all candor, they were never a group that really excited me in any way. I know many at the time … Continue reading

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Classic Pop’s New Romantic Special Attempts To Parse the Slippery “Movement”

It’s been a while now, but knowing my predilections, commenter Jordan asked me if I’d be interested in a copy of the Classic Pop “New Romantic Special Edition” from 2019. Not being one to turn down too many free offers, … Continue reading

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Investigating Modern Eon In The Modern World

One of the highlights in moving the entire contents of my Record Cell in the last six weeks, was that I got the chance to touch so much of my collection that might be inaccessible due to placement issues. I … Continue reading

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REDUX: Record Review: Wire – 154

November 10, 2015 Wire: 154 US CD [1989] I Should Have Known Better Two People In A Room The 15th The Other Window Single K.O. A Touching Display On Returning A Mutual Friend Blessed State Once Is Enough Map Ref. … Continue reading

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Want List: Fripp Offers Two More ‘Drive To 1981’ Titles On Stand-Alone CD

A few weeks ago we were stunned by the enormity of the “Exposures” BSOG featuring all of Robert Fripp’s solo work from 1977-1981. I was intrigued to see that new 2021 remasterings of the “God Save The Queen/Under Heavy Manners” … Continue reading

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Poll: The Bowie Compilation Album To Have When You’re Having Only One [part 1]

I was looking at the latest feed on Discogs and noticed a Bowie compilation that was new to me this morning. “Chameleon” was an Australian/New Zealand compilation new to me, and with a very dated line in airbrush art using … Continue reading

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Record Review: A Focus On Fashion Phase One Gives Us “Fàshiön Music” Reissued And Expanded UK 2xCD [part 3]

[…continued from last post] 1978 Demos The last six tracks on disc one were 1978 demos. The single conceit of the title, which was almost all of its lyric content, was the crux of “I Don’t Take Drugs, I Don’t … Continue reading

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