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Steel Cage Match: Go-Gos vs Fun Boy Three

I recently bought a copy of the US 12″ single of the Fun Boy Three version of “Our Lips Are Sealed,” so now I could finally hear something more than memories for the first time in 35 years. I had … Continue reading

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Song Of The Day: The Specials – Ghost Town

The Specials: Ghost Town US 12″ [1981] Ghost Town [extended version] Why? [extended version] Friday Night Saturday Morning “Ghost Town” was a non-LP single by The Specials that made a really big impact in 1981. The song was inspired by … Continue reading

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Record Review: The Photos – Crystal Tips + Mighty Mice [part 2]

[…continued from last post] Speaking of strong songs, “Kill That Girl” began with a evasive minor key intro only to blossom upon the first chorus into a vibrant Motown pastiche complete with a buoyant James Jamerson bass line and perky … Continue reading

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30 Days: 30 Albums | David Byrne – The Complete Score From The Broadway Production Of “The Catherine Wheel”

I vividly recall when it looked like Talking Heads were a spent force by 1980. Their third album with Brian Eno had pushed the band to the near breaking point while making exceptionally compelling albums. In 1981, all of the … Continue reading

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30 Days: 30 Albums | Prince – Controversy

The time has come today… I have come off of a two week period from late July to early August where there were Ron Kane-like levels of music purchase that saw me bagging nearly 90 titles in that time. Methinks … Continue reading

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First Record Show In Over Four Years Disappoints

Let’s take a break before yet more OMD posts. Other things have been happening and one of the that merited commentary was the first record show in my sleepy town in over four years. Just like the last one, this … Continue reading

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Rock GPA: Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark [part 11]

Orchestral Manœuvres In The Dark – Architecture + Morality | 1981 – 4 [continued from previous post] In 1980, OMD were touring “Organization” in Europe and since they were playing places like Rouen and Orleans, wags in their support band … Continue reading

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