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An Interview With Gleaming Spires’ David Kendrick [part 1]

When I was contracted last month by the PR agent promoting Omnivore’s CD reissue program for the works of Gleaming Spires, it was like having my wish granted by a genie. When they offered an interview with Spire David Kendrick, … Continue reading

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Record Review: Gleaming Spires “Songs of The Spires” US DLX RM CD

This week we delve into the vivid canon of Gleaming Spires; the Los Angeles band that began life as the Power Pop band Bates Motel in the late 70s to become Sparks backing band for their fertile 1981-1985 period that … Continue reading

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Breaking The Ice With Bette Bright…43 Years Later

I never heard Deaf School until sometime in the early 90s when a friend have me the US 2xLP compilation of “2nd Honeymoon/Don’t Stop The World” and I finally got to hear the fascinating group. Sure, I’d heard the name … Continue reading

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Want List: OMD Celebrate “Architecture + Morality’s” 40th Anniversary With Something Besides A Boxed Set Album Reissue

I had certain plans for today’s post, but that flew out of the window when I caught wind of an upcoming release from OMD, which was apparently released to social media last Friday! Sure, sure. I’ve been on the OMD … Continue reading

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REVO Remastering: Slow Children – Slow Children [REVO 095]

Slow Children: Slow Children DLX RM – US – CD-R [2020] I Got A Good Mind Talk About Horses Malicious She’s Like America President Am I Too Weak To Eat Home Life Staring At The Ceiling Ticket To France Stuck … Continue reading

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Ask And Ye Shall Receive: The Gleaming Spires Reissue Program Announced Just Days After Records Added To Want List

Holy Toledo! On July 28th, we wrote about the need to collect the complete works of Gleaming Spires after finally playing their “How To Get Girls Thru Hypnotism” single. Last Friday morning, I received an email via the handy contact … Continue reading

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Record Review: Bow Wow Wow – “See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang Yeah, City All Over Go Ape Crazy!” UK CD [part 2]

[…continued from last post] “Mickey Put It Down” was a case of McLaren using Disney archetypes to tell a story as old as rock and roll. Girl pines for boy to pay attention her when he’s smitten with his guitar. … Continue reading

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