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The Dury Is Out…But New Chaz Jankel Boxed Set Wraps Up His Full Solo Career

Chaz Jankel: Glad To Know You The Anthology 1980-1986 – UK – 5xCD [2020] CD 1: Chas Jankel Ai No Corrida Peace, At Last Just A Thought Lenta Latina Fuse Am I Honest With Myself Really? Reverie CD 2: Chasanova/questionnaire … Continue reading

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Record Review: Ultravox – “Herr X” UK 7″

¡Mamacita! Last night I made my way home, pausing to get the mail in the expansive mailbox, when I saw a thin, flat package that I was not expecting. I saw it had been sent with tracking from the UK, … Continue reading

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Record Review: Ronny – If You Want Me To Stay UK 12″

Ronny: If You Want Me To Stay – UK – 12″ [1981] If You Want Me To Stay [dance mix] If You Want Me To Stay [instrumental] I recall reading about Parisian model Ronny and her alliance with the Blitz … Continue reading

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Want List: Scars – “Author! Author!” DLX RM 3xCD In Depth From Cherry Red In October

Scars were a band I remembered reading reviews of in Trouser Press, back in 1981, but I never saw the album. I saw an ad showing that Stiff-America had released a 4 track EP in America from the album, but … Continue reading

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Cherry Red Unleashes BSOG [Boxed Set Of God…] From The Revillos

Fall down the Visage DLX RM rabbit hole, miss a few lunch hours due to extenuating circumstances, and the world… she keeps on spinning. At least three weeks ago commenter Nick A dropped me a line to let me know that … Continue reading

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Visage Deluxe Week Commences With A Trio Of DLX RMs From Rubellan Remasters [pt. 4]

[…continued from last post] The other single from the album was also included in 12″ form. “Night Train” was the only real upbeat track on the matte black, Peter Saville/Helmut Newton sleeved album. The John Luongo 12″ remix had never … Continue reading

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Moroder Week: Day 5 – Blondie – Call Me Spanish 12″

Yesterday we considered a band once compared to Moroder and Blondie. Today it’s the real thing, but with a twist. In 1980 the biggest song of the year in America was “Call Me,” the collaboration between Giorgio Moroder, then making … Continue reading

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