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Scooped! When Personal CD Projects Get Superseded By Real Labels [part 1]

For anyone reading this who hasn’t been hanging around for nine years or more, I took the name Post-Punk Monk for blogging when my friend saw an elaborate boxed set of god® that I had made. He likened the one-man … Continue reading

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Raiding The “Ice Box” – Planning An Icehouse BSOG [part 8]

Following the insular release of “Code Blue,” [there was never a copy sold anywhere but in Australia/New Zealand] the band lineup that had stabilized around guitarist Bob Kretschmer, Andy Qunta, et. al. for several years of success splintered. I thought … Continue reading

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REDUX: Record Review – Holly Beth Vincent – Demos Federico

May 7, 2013 Holly + The Italians: Demos Federico US 2xCD [2002] Disc 1 It’s Only Me [Demo Version] Fanzine [Demo Version] Chapel Of Love [Demo Version] One More Dance [Demo Version] Honalu [Demo] Unoriginal Sin [Demo] Where Baby Walks … Continue reading

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Collecting Simple Minds In The 21st Century [part 2]

[continued from previous post] We continue listing the many singles in many territories that Simple Minds issued like dandelion seeds in the 21st century. Part 2 Simple Minds Cry  EURO CD5 | Eagle Records ‎– EAGXS235 | 2002 Cry (Ph.I. Radio Edit) … Continue reading

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Collecting Simple Minds In The 21st Century

I am a Simple Minds collector [within reason]. One thing that has stuck in my craw was that in the new millennium, it suddenly became very challenging to buy all of the tracks/mixes of this band due to their many, … Continue reading

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Record Review: The Only Fun In Town/Sorry For Laughing – Josef K

Josef K: The Only Fun In Town/Sorry For Laughing UK CD [2002] Fun N’ Frenzy Revelation Crazy To Exist It’s Kinda Funny The Angle Forever Drone Heart of Song 16 Years Citizens Sorry For Laughing Fun N’ Frenzy Heads Watch … Continue reading

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It’s Immaterial Prehistory In Need Of Compiling…Can It Be Done?

Yesterday we looked at the much-needed compilation of the first album period on Circa/Virgin by It’s Immaterial, but by that time, the band had a four year history that had gone all over the indie label map. Of course, the … Continue reading

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