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Record Review: Stephen Duffy – I Love My Friends DLX RM [part 2]

[…continued from last post] A larger contrast between the introspective and somber cut “The Postcard” and the following “Seventeen” could not be more profound. This was originally slated as the pre-release single when Indolent was going to release the album; … Continue reading

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Want List: Stephen Duffy – I Love My Friends DLX RM

A.K.A. – A Young Person’s Guide To “I Love My Friends” Here’s some great news for fans of songwriter Stephen Duffy. His 1997-1998 album “I Love My Friends” is getting a third lease on life. The 1997 issue on Indolent … Continue reading

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Mark Hollis: 1955-2019 [part 2]

[…continued from last post] A few years later while watching the MTV “New Video Hour,” I saw the next move that Talk Talk had made. Their third album, “The Colour Of Spring,” had been released and the lead single was … Continue reading

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Rock GPA: Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark [part 43]

[continued from this post] In 1998, after OMD [mk II] had crashed and burned and concurrent with McCluskey’s ventures into manufactured music; Virgin records still required more blood. Another greatest hits album was quickly mooted. Andy McCluskey liked the idea … Continue reading

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REVO Remastering: Frazier Chorus – Elaine BSOG

Frazier Chorus: Elaine 4 x CD-R [2009] DISC 1 Sloppy Heart [4AD ver.] Typical [4AD ver.] Storm [4AD ver.] Dream Kitchen [ext.] Down 40 Winks [ext.] Typical! [7”] Born With A Headache Typical! [ext. mix] Storm [live mix] Typical! [live … Continue reading

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When To Compile…Or Not? A Monk’s Dilemma

First and foremost, it’s my job, as the Post-Punk Monk to compile boxed sets of god®. The engine that drives my music loving, record collecting, and graphic design passion is in making vast boxed sets of non-LP material by my … Continue reading

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David Bowie Memory Palace [part 25]

1998 [continued] I got another David Bowie home video in 1998. I was sending at week at my company’s Reston, Virginia main campus and there was, of course, a record store nearby where I was staying, so naturally I ambled … Continue reading

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