Cherry Red Unleashes BSOG [Boxed Set Of God…] From The Revillos

Fall down the Visage DLX RM rabbit hole, miss a few lunch hours due to extenuating circumstances, and the world… she keeps on spinning. At least three weeks ago commenter Nick A dropped me a line to let me know that Cherry Red; having done The Rezillos a few years ago, has now turned to the flipside of that punk/pop coin with sister band The Revillos.

This time there will be six CDs packed with Revillos goodness heading our way at popular prices. And as of…RIGHT NOW, anyone who pre-orders the hefty set will still get a postcard signed by Eugene Reynolds and Fay Fife, the leaders of the Revillos pack. Gotta love that fake obi cover design below! The issue date is April 24, so what awaits our ears?

the revillos stratoplay boxed set covre

Cherry Red | UK | 6xCD | 2020 | CRCDBOX79

The Revillos: Stratoplay – The Box Set UK 6xCD [2020]


1. Secret Of The Shadow
2. Rev Up!
3. Rock-a-boom
4. Voodoo
5. Bobby Come Back To Me
6. Scuba Boy Bop
7. Yeah Yeah
8. Hungry For Love
9. Juke Box Sound
10. On The Beach
11. Cool Jerk
12. Hippy Hippy Sheik
13. Motorbike Beat
14. Where’s The Boy For Me?
15. The Fiend
16. No Such Luck
17. Scuba Scuba
18. Voodoo 2
John Peel Bbc Radio 1 Session
(Tx 17/03/80):
19. Hip City – You Were Meant For Me
20. Rock-a-boom
21. Scuba-Scuba
22. Voodoo
John Peel Bbc Radio 1 Session | (Tx 13/05/81):
23. Caveman Raveman
24. (She’s Fallen In Love With A) Monster Man
25. Snatzomobile
26. Man Attack!

DISC TWO | Attack! (2002 Version)

1. Snatzomobile
2. Hip City – You Were Meant For Me
3. Graveyard Groove
4. Sputnick Kiss
5. (Bitten By A) Love Bug
6. Man Attack!
7. Midnight
8. Bongo Brain
9. Mad From Birth To Death
10. (She’s Fallen In Love With A) Monster Man
11. Tell Him
12. Man Hunt
13. Caveman Raveman
14. Do The Mutilation
15. Mind Bending Cutie Doll
16. Your Baby’s Gone
17. Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town
18. 1982 Make A Wish
Richard Skinner Bbc Radio 1 Session (Tx 23/6/81)
19. Do The Mutilation
20. Bongo Brain
21. Your Baby’s Gone
22. Man Hunt

DISC THREE | Attack! (1982 Version)

1. Man Attack!
2. Sputnick Kiss
3. Midnight
4. Snatzomobile
5. Graveyard Groove
6. Man Hunt
7. Tell Him
8. Your Baby’s Gone
9. Do The Mutilation
10. Mad From Birth To Death
11. (Bitten By A) Love Bug
12. Caveman Raveman
13. Tell Him (Aura Version)
14. Bitten By A Love Bug
(12” Version)
15. Cat Call
16. Trigger Happy Jack
17. Midnight (12” Version)
18. Z-x-7
19. Bitten By A Love Bug
(7” Version)
20. Midnight (7” Version)

DISC FOUR | Live And On Fire In Japan

1. Secret Of The Shadow
2. Bongo Brain
3. Rock-a-boom
4. (She’s Fallen In Love With A) Monster Man
5. Where’s The Boy For Me?
6. Rev Up!
7. Bitten By A Lovebug
8. Mad From Birth To Death
9. Bobby Come Back To Me
10. The Fiend
11. Scuba Scuba
12. (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures
13. Do The Mutilation
14. Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight
15. Yeah Yeah
16. Yeah Yeah
17. Crush
18. Scuba Scuba (Japanese)
19. Scuba Scuba
Mark Radcliffe Bbc Radio 1 Session (1996)
20. The Last Of The Secret Agents
21. Crush
22. Motorbike Beat
23. Hip City

DISC FIVE | Totally Alive! (London, England, 1996)

1. Mystery Action
2. Motorbike Beat
3. Where’s The Boy For Me?
4. Getting Me Down
5. Man Attack!
6. Mindbending Cutie Doll
7. Man Hunt
8. Your Baby’s Gone
9. Mad From Birth To Death
10. Crush
11. Glad All Over
12. (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures
13. The Last Of The Secret Agents
14. Flying Saucer Attack
15. Do The Mutilation
16. Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight
17. Destination Venus
18. I Can’t Stand My Baby
19. Yeah Yeah

DISC SIX | Live! Colchester Institute May ‘81 [previously unissued]

1. Motorbike Beat
2. Bongo Brain
3. Mind Bending Cutie Doll
4. Hip City – You Were Meant For Me
5. Your Baby’s Gone
6. Scuba Boy Bop
7. Do The Mutilation
8. (She’s Fallen In Love With A) Monster Man
9. Where’s The Boy For Me?
10. Boys
11. Hippy Hippy Sheik
The Ritz, Nyc, 22/02/81
12. Secret Of The Shadow
13. Jukebox Sound
14. Hip City – You Were Meant For Me
15. Voodoo
16. Hungry For Love
17. Mind Bending Cutie Doll
18. Where’s The Boy For Me?
19. Scuba Boy Bop
20. No Such Luck
21. Bobby Come Back To Me
22. Dancing In The Streets
23. Man Attack
24. (She’s Fallen In Love With A) Monster Man
25. Motorbike Beat
26. Hippy Hippy Sheik
27. Rock-a-boom
28. Rocking Goose
29. Cool Jerk
30. Yeah Yeah

Yow! That’s a lot of Revillos goodness. Let’s see…I have the following on CD:

revillos - motorbike beat CD coverthe revillos yeah yeah single coverrevillos alicve and on fire in japan CD cocverrevillos - totally alive CD coverrevilos from the freezer CD coverrevillos - atttack of the giant revillos 1995 CD coverrevillos wireless recordings CD coverrevillos attack! 2002 version coverrevillos - jungle of eyes CD cover

I also have these on vinyl:

the revillos rev up CD coverrevillos attack 1982 UK LP coverrevillos french teen beat EP cover

And all of the singles [not pictured.] Parsing this box reveals a few things only here, as well as some things missing. The biggest difference is that there are two versions of the “Attack!” album. The original withdrawn 1982 mix and a different mix. Issued twice[in error]  in 1995 [“Attack of The Giant Revillos”]  and 2002 [“Attack!”]. The 2002 version was ostensibly a chance to get the original 1982 mix out that time, but again, it holds an alternate mix.  The “Wireless Recordings” BBC sessions have been broken down to the appropriate discs as bonus tracks.

The Japanese and British live albums are accounted for but considering that just recently, The Japanese date of those got a new coat of paint and was reissued with more tracks than it originally contained, the timing seems kind of surprising. It was only four months ago when I was writing about that! And finally, theres now an entirely new live album from 1981 and the “Rev Up!” Tour as recorded live in Colchester.

What is missing here is more considerable. The 90s recordings of “Yeah Yeah!” and “Scuba-Scuba” is missing. But so is the “From the Freezer” comp of loose [but fascinating] bits. And the entire “Jungle Of Eyes” album that was the album the band recorded for EMI that went unreleased until 2003, where it was the last Revillos CD for many years until “Compendium Of Weird” was released last year… and none of that seems to be here, though I still don’t have a clue as to exactly how much of it is previously unreleased.

I have the original “Attack!” LP but until this box the original mix of it has not bee reissued, so discs three and six are the keepers here for me. Fortunately, the asking price for this is modest: £24.99 [$32.03] for six discs is hardly extortion. I can’t tell from the photo if this is one of those small “clamshell” boxes like Virgin like or whether it’s a 12″ x 12″ extravaganza. The liner notes by Tim Barr with the full participation of Fife + Reynolds insure quality no matter ho big the booklet may be. Right now is bad timing for me what with the trip to the UK for me in [gasp] eleven days, so there’s no cash on hand for me to indulge. But don’t let me stop you!

communist purchase button

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5 Responses to Cherry Red Unleashes BSOG [Boxed Set Of God…] From The Revillos

  1. Jonathan Barry says:

    Fantastic news! And even better that I hear it from your blog first! Thank you.

    I’ve long been an admirer of your blog, the way you write and your attention to detail are the best in the business.

    With that in mind do you mind if I ask a quick couple of questions? Do you understand the variations between ‘Attack! (1892)’, ‘Attack Of The Giant Revillos’ and ‘Attack! (2002)’ please? Also, do you know if the tracks on ‘Yes Sir!’ are the same versions as on ‘Jungle Of Eyes’? I hope you can help and you don’t mind me asking.

    Keep up the great work!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Jonathan Barry – Welcome to the comments! I have had the “Attack” LP for 20+ years… and have yet to spin it. Shameful, I know. I bought “Attack Of The Giant Revillos” in 1996 only to see some years later that it was sourced from the wrong mix. Then in 2002 they issued the revised “Attack” CD with supposedly the correct mixes. But these too, were marked as being the wrong mixes. Now I’m a frazzled guy, and don’t have the time to rip it all to the computer an perform forensic analysis… but I’d love to have a half a day where I did that! Hopefully before I retire. I’ll let you know if I ever roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty on this as I am also very curious.


  2. Dear Cherry Red: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!


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