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Though Punk sought to wipe everything that came before from the map [with the best of intentions], Post-Punk wasn’t so rigid and thus some characteristics of Progressive Rock – Punk’s antithesis, thrived anew in the aftermath of Punk.

Want List: Cherry Red’s “Musik Music Musique” Box Tantalizes With Technopop

Various: Musik Music Musique – UK – 3xCD  [2020] Disc One Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark : Messages Zeus: Musik, Music, Musique Fad Gadget: Coitus Interruptus Xynn: Computed Man Rod Vey: Metal Love Gina X Performance: Vendor’s Box Our Daughter’s … Continue reading

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Splendid Beauty In A Chaotic World: The Return of White Door Imminent

White Door: The Great Awakening – SE – CD – [2020] Among The Mountains Resurrection Soundtrack Of Our Lives Lullaby Angel Of Tomorrow The Great Awakening Simply Magnificent Beautiful Girl A few months ago, we were looking into the one … Continue reading

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Want List: Ultravox RSD UK Clear Vinyl 12″ With Wilson 2020 Mixes Taunts

Ultravox: Sleepwalk [Steven Wilson 2020 mix] – UK – 12″ clear vinyl [2020] Sleepwalk [2020 Steven Wilson mix] Waiting [Steven Wilson 2020 mix] Gloryoski! A Record Store Day release that I actually want to buy in 2020 will happen this … Continue reading

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Book Review: JAPAN – A Foreign Place [The Biography 1974-1984] [part 2]

[…continued from last post] Writer Reynolds finally shed light on the curious happenstance of JAPAN being first feted in the country of their name. This was put down to the cultural tradition of young Japanese girls being drawn to androgynous … Continue reading

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Neil Peart: 1952-2020

I got blindsided Friday night with the news that Rush’s drummer/lyricist Neil Peart had died after over three years of undergoing brain cancer treatment. This was a sad thing to hear. Particularly since I had been listening more to my … Continue reading

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Record Review: White Door DLX RM UK CD [part 2]

[…continued from last post] Side two of the original album, as usual, was where the most commercial track on the album rested. “Love Breakdown” was a high-calorie example of whipped cream disco⇓. State of the art keyboards produced to within … Continue reading

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Wha…??!!! Asheville Got Another Record Show When I Least Expected It

It was last Saturday evening when attending the Les Filles De Illighadad show at Mothlight that I happened to see the notification via the sort of social media that I actually pay attention to; a poster taped to an electric … Continue reading

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