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Want List: Wrangler – White Glue

  Wrangler – White Glue UK CD [2016] Alpha Omega Stupid Clockwork Dirty Stop Real Life Days Superset Colliding It seems like yesterday when I finally bought the debut Wrangler CD and now it’s time for the follow up. Fans … Continue reading

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Foxx Fanatics Commit Covers To Wax In Ten Days

Various Artists: He’s A Liquid UK 12″ EP [2016] Wrangler [featuring Gazelle twin]: He’s A Liquid Hannah Peel: Tidal Wave LoneLady: 030 The Soft Moon: No-One Driving Xeno + Oaklander: He’s A Liquid Well, it seems that hardly a day … Continue reading

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A Grievous Omission: Orange Juice

Since I am but a monk, I’m far from infallible. That’s for the Post-Punk Pope. Though it pains me to say so, I have never heard the Seminal Scot Post-Punk band Orange Juice! Still!!! And yet, I own “Hope And … Continue reading

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Shriekback Consider Mining Past Glories [part 2]

So Shriekback have a petition up to gauge interest in a CD re-issue of “Jamscience” paired with the elusive Hatfield Poly ’85 show they self-issued on CD-R a dozen years ago. Getting those on legit, pressed CD will go a … Continue reading

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The Ultimate ZTT Fetish Object?

Savvy readers of comment threads for ages old postings may have noticed a dialogue between Tim and myself regarding this recent Pledge Music crowd fund project for what may the ultimate ZTT fetish object; “Inside The Pleasuredome.” ZTT have cranked up … Continue reading

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Want List: Marianne Faithfull – Broken English DLX RM

Marianne Faithfull’s “Broken English” album of 1979 carried a lot of shock value for me but not in the way one would imagine. Since the album was the first music by Ms. Faithfull to reach my ears, her legendary haggard … Continue reading

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