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“Vienna” Gets Ultrabox After 40 Years As Synth Rock Touchstone [part 7]

[…continued from this post] Well, that took forever. I had to find out what was wrong with my 5.1 tuner that I was only hearing music on three of the five speakers, and it came down to the fact that … Continue reading

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Part 7 Of “Vienna” 40th Anniversary Box Will Have To Wait

Things are hurly-burly right now in Monk-Land®. Not only have I not had internet at work last week due to IT issues [the team always seem to be hitting the server during lunch], and then I took last Thursday day … Continue reading

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Want List: The 40th Anniversary Boxed Set of God Of Ultravox’s “Vienna” Is Nearing Launch

Well after much ado, and chatter outside this blog, the mooted 40th Anniversary BSOG of Ultravox’s seminal “Vienna” album is getting ready for launch on the 25th of September, 2020. Approximately 40 years on from its initial release, which was … Continue reading

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Roxy Music BSOG Flash Sale Changes Everything…

Newsflash: “Roxy Music” BSOG now on sale at Amazon for $79 [i.e. what I was willing/expecting to pay for six years prior] Commenter Tim just sent me the notice that the 3xCD+DVD+Book edition of “Roxy Music” we just bemoaned was … Continue reading

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New Gold Dream Goes Superdeluxe

Simple Minds: New Gold Dream [81, 82, 83, 84] Super Deluxe Boxed Set 5xCD+DVD UK [2016] Disc 1 – Album remastered King Is White And In The Crowd Hunter And The Hunted Glittering Prize New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) Somebody Up … Continue reading

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REDUX: Someone, Somewhere in Surround Sound – Simple Minds in 5.1 DTS

April 14, 2011 The Monk crossed a long standing line in the sand last Saturday when he bought a 5.1 channel surround sound rig for home listening. To quote Jerry Harrison, “I didn’t think I, would ever do it, until … Continue reading

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2011: A Year of Buying Music

This will probably be the last post of the year so it’s time to review the year’s purchases. I have just tallied the totals for 2011 and it was a healthy year of acquisition. Well over a purchase every two … Continue reading

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