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Ultravox’s “Rage In Eden” Boxed Set Is Two Of A Perfect Pair [part 8]

[…continued from last post] CONCLUSION Fans of “Rage In Eden” have been waiting a while for this box and it’s proved to be quite interesting. I can remember in 2008 when the 2xCD edition came out, following a few years … Continue reading

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Want List: Ultravox “Rage In Eden” Ultrabox Coming for Album’s 41st Anniversary

In the biggest open secret for some months, Ultravox’s much-mooted “Rage In Eden” ultrabox was finally announced today in an official capacity. Rogue retailers in Europe had played their hands early last year which must have vexed the minds at … Continue reading

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Conny Plank: The Potential of Noise

Almost as soon as I began filling what would, in time, be referred to as the Record Cell, I have been aware of Conny Plank and his contribution to the music that I love. He was the “doctor” that delivered … Continue reading

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Record Review: Gabi Delgado – History Of A Kiss

Gabi Delgado: History of A Kiss UK 12″ [1983] History Of A Kiss [long ver.] Sex Goddess [club mix] While I only have D.A.F. music on compilations, their imperial period on Virgin [now licensed by Mute, which makes sense] has long … Continue reading

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Record Review: Conny Plank – The Conny Plank reWork Sessions

Conny Plank: The reWork Sessions GER 12″ [2013] Eurythmics: Take Me To Your Heart [Popnoname Remix] Mobius + Plank: Infiltration [Walls Remix] NEU!: Für Immer [Eye/Boredoms Remix] Eurythmics: Le Sinistre [Kriedler Remix] When word of this 12″ surfaced for RSD … Continue reading

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NDW Week – Montag: D.A.F. – Der Mussolini

Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of German music that I happened to buy in Harvest Records recently. Some of it was Krautrock and some of it was NDW. The Neue Deutsche Welle [New German Wave] movement was interesting. … Continue reading

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Rock GPA: Ultravox – Rage In Eden [part 5]

Ultravox – Rage In Eden | 1981 – 4 The band that entered Conny Plank’s studio in 1981 to write their fifth album was decidedly different from the one that had recorded the previous four. For starters, Ultravox had finally … Continue reading

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