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REVO Remastering: Slow Children Debut Finally Getting The Monastic Attention

I am currently in the throes of committing the output of the great duo Slow Children to a shiny gold disc. I first chanced to hear them on the RCA “Blitz” lo-prince/New Wave sampler of 1981. They had a great … Continue reading

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Record Review: Slow Children – President Am I US Promo 12″

Pal Shazar + Andrew Chinich in promo Last month I was in a record store and found a US Promo 12″ single from Slow Children. I first heard them on RCA’s great 1981 compilation album “Blitz,” and I wasted no … Continue reading

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It’s 35 Years later – What’s Still Not On CD? [part 7]

The last post on this thread was P-S on the list of album still wanted on CD format…before it’s too late!  RED = I have already made a CD of this. GREEN = awaiting remastering in my Media Empire Room. BLUE = I still need to … Continue reading

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Saint or Sinner? The Stephen Hague Problem

I’m a bit conflicted on the subject of producer Stephen Hague. I seem to have many of his productions in the Record Cell and at first I had no negativity associated with his name on a record. I first heard … Continue reading

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CD A Week Project: #9

Various: REVO Premaster 9 CD-R [2011] John Foxx: Endlessly II [12] John Foxx: A Kind Of Wave [12] John Foxx: Like A Miracle [12] John Foxx: Wings + A Wind [12] John Foxx: Stars On Fire [12] John Foxx: Enter The … Continue reading

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