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30 Days: 30 Albums | The Dickies – Idjit Savant

I used to have three Dickies CDs that I got rid of because they weren’t “Incredible Shrinking Dickies” or “Dawn Of The Dickies. Once I go the DLC RMs of those titles in the early noughts, I figured “why clutter … Continue reading

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The Dickies + The Queers @ The Grey Eagle, Asheville 6-6-18 [part 2]

[continued from last post] The first song was scuttled by a terrible mix with singer Leonard Graves Phillips inaudible for its duration, but the sound was repaired by the second number. Thank goodness. I suspect Phillips had some monitor problems … Continue reading

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The Dickies + The Queers @ The Grey Eagle, Asheville 6-6-18 [part 1]

I go back a looooong way with The Dickies. It was 1979 when my new friend chasinvictoria was soaking up the various New Wave Samplers that labels were issuing to general neglect from the unwashed masses. Among the music geeks … Continue reading

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